Alpha Lion Superhuman Gut 90 Capsules


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Alpha Lion Superhuman Gut is an excellent dietary supplement that has been optimized to improve body performance significantly.

This product contains high-quality probiotic strains, postbiotic strains, and five essential digestive enzymes. This combination makes the supplement highly effective and also significantly speeds up digestive processes and nutrient absorption.

What does Alpha Lion Superhuman Gut contain?

Tributyrin – a postbiotic whose primary purpose is to improve the body’s immunity. It has an excellent effect on the immune system, thus reducing inflammation in the body.

DigeZyme® – a specially selected set of enzymes that help to break down carbohydrates, lactose, cellulose fibers, as well as fats and proteins.

LactoSpore – a strain of gram-positive bacteria. Its effect is comparable to probiotics and is very important when combined with a high-protein diet (ensures high bioavailability). It shows resistance to digestion and the ability to synthesize lactic acid. Has a beneficial effect on performance and muscle regeneration after training.

PepZin Gl – zinc and carnosine complex. It is highly effective in alleviating digestive system ailments. It has prophylactic and anti-aging properties. Protects against stomach ulcers.

AstraGin – a blend of extracts from astragalus bark and false ginseng. Increases assimilability of all active ingredients and favorably influences carbohydrate metabolism and stress tolerance.


Dosage – 1 tablet three times a day. Alpha Lion Superhuman Gut should not be used as a substitute for a well-balanced diet. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s recommended serving. They are not recommended for nursing mothers and pregnant women.