Alpha Lion SuperHuman Muscle 60caps


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An impressive muscular body is a valid symbol of masculinity. No wonder then that muscle building is the primary goal of almost all people training at the gym. Of course, strength training itself plays a key role here, but without proper diet and supplementation, achieving significant gains will be very difficult.

Alpha Lion has decided to release another edition of its cult product, the Superhuman pre-trainer. This time it is the Superhuman Muscle pre-workout available on tablets. Supporting muscular development is its leitmotif.

Superhuman Muscle pre-trainer gives you energy and supports the development of muscle mass. This combination will be of particular value to anyone who practices strength or power sports. Interestingly, Superhuman Muscle capsules consist of literally just a few ingredients. However, Alpha Lion’s pre-training product delivers spectacular results due to its high effectiveness!

Here are all the active ingredients contained in Alpha Lion Superhuman Muscle capsules:

Ripfactor Blend™ – the first ingredient is the patented Ripfactor™ blend. It is based on two all-natural extracts. The first is an extract obtained from the flowers of Sphaerantus Indicus. The second is made from the bark of the Mangifera Indica tree. Studies have shown that the natural compounds present in the plants described show substantial anabolic effects. Thanks to that, they significantly increase the scale of muscle growth. Moreover, their action also improves the strength and endurance of muscle fibres. Therefore, Ripfactor Blend™ is perfect for strength and figure sportspeople.

VAS06™ (green tea extract) – delicate green tea leaves contain L-theanine, which has a calming effect and helps you fall asleep. However, the unique VAS06™ extract takes advantage of other properties of green tea. The substances it contains cause an extreme dilation of the blood vessels. This increases the intensity of the muscle pump and helps supply your muscles with oxygen. As you know, a strong muscle pump is the main ally of impressive gains. That’s why VAS06™ will help you achieve all your bodybuilding goals.

Laxosterone™ – Another patented formula is Laxosterone™. This supplement is based on specially selected plant sterols. Sterols are natural compounds responsible for anabolism in plants. Thanks to them, the plant can grow fast and increase its volume. Now you can guess how sterols will affect your muscles! Laxosterone™ as a supplement has been developed to maximize muscle growth. Interestingly, its unique feature is also an improvement in the efficiency of protein synthesis. Thus, your muscles will be much bigger and better nourished!

Epicatechin – this compound is well known in the bodybuilding world. This is due to a straightforward reason. Epicatechin in humans inhibits the action of myostatin, a protein responsible for limiting the growth of muscle mass. Myostatin has powerful catabolic properties, which leads to the breakdown of muscle fibres. Therefore, inhibiting its activity will allow you to achieve more significant gains and improve the strength and endurance of your muscles! Additionally, epicatechin may lower harmful cholesterol levels and normalize blood pressure. Therefore, supplementation with this compound will benefit your health and the proper functioning of your entire cardiovascular system.

BioPerine™ (black pepper extract) – numerous scientific studies on dietary supplements have shown that many supplements have great potential. However, their low bioavailability limits the benefits of supplementation. This is why Alpha Lion almost always includes the addition of black pepper in its supplements. In addition, BioPerine™ is a patented extract with an exceptionally high piperine content. This is because piperine is responsible for increasing the absorption of nutrients. Therefore, the addition of BioPerine™ has a significant impact on the effectiveness of the supplementation used.


– On workout days: consume two capsules of Superhuman Muscle approximately 30 minutes before your workout.
– On non-workout days: Take one capsule in the morning and one capsule in the afternoon.