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Combat sports, in many ways, stand out from all other disciplines. Sometimes, a split second can determine the fight’s outcome in such competitions. That is why achieving success in such disciplines is not easy. To do this, each athlete must rise to the absolute heights of their abilities.

With such people in mind, a unique pre-training supplement has been created by Apollon Nutrition. Assassin Lionheart is a supplement intended for those who practice combat sports. This product’s composition has been designed so that the pre-trainer provides maximum energy and concentration. After all, these two aspects may decide everything in the cage or the ring!

In the composition of this unique product, you can find substances such as:

– Beta-alanine – constant repetition of punch combinations or specific movements severely strains your muscles. That’s why taking beta-alanine daily’s a good idea, as it will increase muscle endurance and improve your body’s efficiency.

– Taurine – is a natural amino acid; taurine supports the achievement of high performance and enhances the burning of fat tissue. However, it is also worth mentioning that some scientific reports attribute the ability to sharpen the senses to taurine. Therefore, its supplementation will be particularly beneficial for people taking part in combat sports.

– L-tyrosine – after a hard day of training, everyone will feel both mental and physical symptoms of fatigue. Fortunately, L-tyrosine supplementation can significantly reduce their intensity.

– Peak O2™ – the unique Peak O2™ is a patented supplement based on a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms. It allows the body to cope much better with stress and external pressures. In addition, numerous compounds contained in Peak O2™ further improve performance and muscle endurance.

– NO3-T™ – this patented type of betaine very effectively supports muscle regeneration. It is an excellent supplement for people who train intensely because of an upcoming fight.

– Anhydrous betaine – the composition of the Assassin Lionheart supplement also contains an anhydrous version of betaine, which will further improve the effectiveness of this supplement.

– Coconut water – tropical coconut water is rich in vitamins and minerals. This is why it is an excellent rehydration option for hard-training athletes. Importantly, powdered coconut water contains equally high levels of these valuable compounds.

– Alpha-GPC-choline alphoscerate has many benefits, but its ability to increase focus and attention is the biggest. This is a critical factor for those fighting in the cage or ring. Therefore, this compound should be in your supplementation plan.

– Caffeine Anhydrous – Caffeine is not only effective in stimulating you, but it also reduces your reaction time to external stimuli. No need to explain why it’s useful for people who practice combat sports.

– Theobromine – theobromine contained in cocoa beans is another compound with a stimulating effect. Therefore, it can perfectly complement the effects of caffeine and other stimulants.

– ElevATP™ – ATP is the essential energy carrier in our bodies. That’s why people participating in combat sports should ensure they have as much of it as possible. This may be helped by a patented product, ElevATP™, which increases the levels of this valuable compound.

– Caffeine malate – caffeine in malate is absorbed much more effectively, thanks to which the stimulating effect is much stronger.

– CoffeeBerry™ – the patented CoffeeBerry™ extract is obtained directly from coffee beans. This ensures a pure and all-natural dose of energy whenever it is needed.

– Senactiv™ – A plant-based patented formula, Senactiv™ increases muscle endurance, as confirmed in conducted research. That is why it could not be absent from the product intended for people who care about maximum speed and muscle efficiency.

– AstraGin™ – the essential condition of any supplementation is to ensure that the body absorbs the substances taken. Otherwise, the whole effort may be in vain. Fortunately, AstraGin ™ is a unique formulation that effectively increases such absorption. It is, therefore, a staple in many dietary supplements.


Mix half (just under 10 g) or a whole scoop (about 19 g) of the product with water and drink 30 minutes before training.