ASC El Jefe Limited Edition Pre Workout V3 40/20 servings


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ASC at one time scored a solid entry into the dietary supplement market. The source of its success was, among other things, the pre-workout El Jefe, which gained a considerable number of fans. Therefore, all such people are sure to be pleased to hear that ASC is returning to the market in a big way!

The magnitude of this comeback is because a new limited edition version of El Jefe has appeared in stores. The V3 designation rightly suggests this is the third formula of this pre-workout. Of course, some people may be sceptical about the reformulation. Fortunately, in this case, there is no need to worry! After all, ASC relies only on proven ingredients in the proper proportions. As a result, the limited edition of El Jefe will work even more effectively than its cult original!

In the composition of El Jefe V3, you can find the following ingredients:

– Citrulline malate – is an absolute must-have for pre-workout nutrients. Citrulline works sensationally as a compound that improves muscle endurance. In addition, it increases the intensity of the muscle pump, which is a lovely addition.

– Beta-alanine – it would be hard to imagine a better combination than the synergy of beta-alanine and citrulline. Both of these compounds help to increase endurance, so your muscles can handle increasing training loads!

– Betaine anhydrous – the anhydrous form of betaine works well to reduce cystine levels in the body. In addition, it has antioxidant properties, and the compound can support post-workout recovery.

– Taurine – the versatile effects of taurine make it a compound with a wide range of applications. Taurine will be a good choice during weight loss, as it supports fat metabolism. In addition, it supports true heart and liver function and reduces muscle catabolism.

– VasoDrive-AP™ – The patented VasoDrive-AP™ formula is created through a particular milk processing method. The resulting active ingredient increases nitric oxide synthesis and thus intensifies the muscle pump. In addition, VasoDrive-AP has a very positive effect on the condition of blood vessels.

– DMAE – the health-promoting properties of DMAE include, among others, nootropic and memory-enhancing effects. Thus, with regular use, DMAE can facilitate attention and concentration. Despite appearances, this is very important during physical activity!

– Anhydrous caffeine – the anhydrous form of caffeine guarantees a quick and much longer stimulating effect than its standard counterpart.

– Walnut extract – walnuts are an excellent source of many valuable fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Moreover, the compounds it contains show effects similar to the well-known DMHA. For this reason, an inconspicuous nut extract can be a powerful boost!

– Eria Jarensis extract – the plant known as Eria Jarensis is highly valued for its solid stimulating properties. So such an extract can boost energy and prepare your body for your next workout!

– Theobromine – this alkaloid found, for example, in cocoa beans, has a stimulating effect on the human body. In addition, it causes vasodilation of blood vessels, so muscles are more efficiently supplied with oxygen.

– Caffeine citrate – the most crucial advantage of caffeine citrate is its very high level of bioavailability. It causes such caffeine to exhibit an even more substantial stimulating effect.

– Infienergy™ – this patented type of caffeine perfectly complements the effects of citrate and the anhydrous variety of this compound. Their synergy will provide an extra kick of energy before each workout!

– Lotus nut extract – the compounds contained in this species of lotus increase fat metabolism. Thanks to this, the described extract will be great for reduction!

– Halostachys Caspica extract – the halostachin contained in this plant stimulates the synthesis of adrenaline and norepinexxrine. In addition, it exhibits a stimulating effect.


Mix one (10 g) or two (20 g) scoops of conditioner with water and drink approximately 20-30 minutes before the planned workout.