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ASC Supplements has launched several supplements that have gained popularity over time. The best example of this was the pre-workout Sicario. It very quickly became one of the bestsellers on the market. That’s why ASC is now back with the second generation of its well-known conditioner.

Sicario Pump Pre-Workout V2 pre-workout brings even higher quality to the market. Its composition is based on more than a dozen carefully selected ingredients that provide better muscle pumps and help prepare the body for the upcoming workout. Importantly, Sicario V2 does not contain any stimulants, so that the nutrient can be used at any time of the day or night.

The following is a list of the essential active ingredients included in the composition of ASC Sicario Pump V2:

– Vitamin C – Vitamin C is one of the essential antioxidants in our daily diet. The role of these compounds is enormous, as they participate in many critical metabolic processes. Moreover, vitamin C as an antioxidant can speed the body’s recovery.

– Vitamin B6 – B vitamins are essential for every human being. However, their importance for athletes is exceptionally high. A perfect example is vitamin B6, responsible for muscle regeneration and glycogen synthesis. As you know, muscle glycogen is essential during more extended training units.

– Vitamin B12 – equally important for athletes is vitamin B12. Among other things, it is responsible for proper muscle function, and its deficiency can negatively impact training performance.

– Sodium chloride (contained in pink Himalayan salt) – although excess sodium is unhealthy and most of the population should limit the supply of this compound, athletes should by no means give up sodium. After all, this one belongs to the group of electrolytes, and its deficiency can quickly weaken any athlete’s body.

– 3D Pump Breakthrough™ – the first patented ingredient in the composition of this nutrient is the unique 3D Pump Breakthrough™. This formula consists of, among others: citrulline, glycerol and Amla fruit extract (Emblica officinalis). Combining these ingredients increases the body’s exercise capacity and improves hydration.

– Beta-alanine is unquestionably one of the best supplements for people who want to increase their muscular endurance. Numerous studies have confirmed the positive effects of beta-alanine, so it is a proven support for athletes.

– NO3-T™ – the patented NO3-T™ formula is based on particular arginine nitrate. As you know, arginine is a crucial compound for a strong muscle pump. Therefore, the NO3-T™ procedure will allow you to increase arginine levels to enhance further the muscle pump you feel.

– Betaine anhydrous – betaine’s mechanism of action includes lowering the level of unfavourable cysteine in the bloodstream. This, in turn, contributes to more efficient blood flow, directly affecting the Pump’s intensity.

– Taurine – one of the essential features of taurine is that it can reduce perceived symptoms of fatigue. For this reason, its supplementation can have a beneficial effect on training performance.

– Pine bark extract – extracted from pine bark can provide athletes with two benefits. On the one hand, it contains abundant antioxidants, effectively promoting recovery. But on the other hand, the compounds in such bark improve blood flow. This, in turn, as is already known, is crucial for a strong muscle pump.

– L-tyrosine – tyrosine supplementation can benefit from increased concentration and a perceptible increase in energy levels. It is also worth mentioning that tyrosine itself participates in protein synthesis. Therefore, its supplementation will be of great benefit to athletes.

– Alpha-GPC-choline alphoscerate is a popular supplement because it can increase acetylcholine levels in the nervous system. This, in turn, provides several benefits related to brain function and so-called cognitive abilities.

– AstraGin™ – The patented AstraGin™ formulation contains active compounds in membranous astragalus and false ginseng. These compounds can increase the absorption of numerous nutrients. That is why AstraGin™ is a formulation often used to supplement various nutrients.


The recommended dose of Sicario V2 pre-workout is 1 (approximately 12.4 g) or two scoops (24.8 g). Mix the measured portion with water and drink 30 minutes before training.