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Laxo-XT Bio-Gen Innovation contains a high dose of 5a-hydroxy-Laxogenin (Laxogenin). Laksogenin is a plant hormone that has been isolated from the rhizomes of Smilax Sieboldia. The component of the supplement with anabolic-estrogen relation is similar to the best anabolic steroids. It is safe to use for both men and women. The atomic structure of the compound ensures high bioavailability and protects against metabolic degradation. The product is ideal for building muscle mass, increasing bone density. Studies show a 200% increase in protein synthesis after application.

LAXO-XT promotes the anabolic environment needed to develop substantial musculature up to 5 times more potent than testosterone. Appropriate use of this compound in the cycles of building muscle mass makes it a universal combination both during the mass and reduction cycle. To maximize the effect of muscle visualization, we recommend maintaining average calorie intake and protein during the process.

To get the best results to increase muscle mass, we recommend increasing the supply of calories and protein intake during the cycle. The extremely low androgenicity of the compound makes it one of the most friendly muscle-building preparations for women. 5a-hydroxy-laksogenine aims to increase strength and mass; a significant improvement in parameters occurs within 3-5 days after use. Spectacular effects of muscle mass are noticeable within 3-4 weeks. The preparation has no side effects and is safe to use because it does not exert any toxic effects on the liver and the body.


1 capsule 2-3 times a day