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In general, all pre-workout nutrients should have a similar mode of action. Their purpose is to prepare the body for the upcoming physical effort. However, in practice, such nutrients can be divided into two categories. The first of these should include preparations containing stimulants. Thus, their action is mainly based on stimulating the body and reducing perceived fatigue.

On the other hand, the second category is pre-workout nutrients, designed to intensify the muscle pump and increase vascularization. The action of such preparations very often supports the synthesis of nitric oxide, the compound responsible for the feeling of the pump above. This group includes, among others, the pre-workout Alpha Swole from Brawn Nutrition. It contains only proven substances that contribute to increasing the intensity of the muscle pump. As a result, it can positively affect vascularization and training results. A considerable advantage of the Alpha Swole formula is that it contains only natural ingredients. Thus, it will be an excellent choice for those who appreciate solutions coming directly from nature.

In the composition of Brawn Nutrition Alpha Swole, you can find substances such as:

– Nitrosigine™ – this patented formula was developed using an entirely new form of arginine silicate. As you know, arginine is an essential compound enhancing nitric oxide synthesis. However, the combination of arginine with silicon has further intensified its effects. This is due, among other things, to the fact that silicon also affects the blood vessel dilation process. This allows Nitrosigine™ to contribute to a significant increase in the intensity of the muscle pump. In addition, the manufacturer declares that Nitrosigine™ can provide additional benefits, such as increased blood flow, improved focus and concentration.

– ViNitrox™ – another patented formula is ViNitrox™, based on natural extracts from apples and grapes. Both extracts above are excellent sources of natural polyphenols or compounds with antioxidant activity. Such compounds can, therefore, effectively support muscle function. In addition, ViNitrox™ also contains substances that intensify the perceived muscle pump. Thus, it is a preparation acting on as many as two critical levels.

– VASO6™ – the following formula has an all-natural origin, as VASO6™ was created using high-quality green tea leaf extract. The compounds it contains show a very effective action in terms of increasing nitric oxide synthesis. As a result, they intensify the intensity of the muscle pump felt. What’s more, the VASO6™ formula can also have a positive effect on the efficiency of oxygen delivery to the muscles. This is especially important during intense physical activity when the demand for oxygen increases. Thus, VASO6™ can support the body during periods of increased training loads.

– S7™ – the patented S7™ blend is one of the best-known ingredients that increases the intensity of the muscle pump you feel. Its name comes from the fact that it contains as many as seven different natural extracts. They are extracted from green coffee seeds, tea, turmeric, cherries, blueberries, broccoli and kale. Thus, Blend S7™ is even overflowing with vitamins and nutritional compounds. However, even more, important in its case is its ability to support nitric oxide synthesis. In this respect, S7™ perfectly complements the action of other ingredients in Brawn Nutrition Alpha Swole. Their synergy can make your muscle pump strong as ever before!

– AstraGin™ – an equally well-known ingredient is AstraGin™, which contains extracts of membranous astragalus and false ginseng. However, it has a different effect than the preparations described above. This is because AstraGin™ increases the assimilation of a wide variety of nutrients. Thus, it directly affects the effectiveness of the supplementation used. In addition, the unique properties of AstraGin™ mean that it is included in the composition of many quality dietary supplements. Therefore, it could not be missing in the Alpha Swole nutritional supplement.


The recommended daily dose of Alpha Swole is four capsules. On workout days, it should be consumed approximately 30 minutes before the start of exercise. This will ensure that the effect obtained will be the best.