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Estrogens have an essential function in both men’s and women’s bodies. However, they are hormones, so an excess in both sexes can lead to health problems. In the case of men, excess estrogen can be caused by various factors. However, here it is necessary to distinguish the situation when it is due to taking agents that increase aromatase activity. Then excess estrogen can result in the appearance of many adverse phenomena (such as gynecomastia). Thus, its reduction or prevention of the formation of excess estrogens will be significant for men using specific supplementation.

For this purpose, you can reach for, among others, the Anti-E Complete preparation from Brawn Nutrition. This is a unique supplement based on natural ingredients that help lower estrogen levels in the body. Thus, it can be an ideal complement to PCT therapy, which is recommended for all athletes after specific supplementation cycles.

What can active ingredients be found in Brawn Anti-E Complete capsules? Here is a list of them:

– Eucheuma cottonii marine algae extract – marine algae are a source of many beneficial active ingredients. However, algae of the Eucheuma cottonii exhibit an exciting additional activity. Namely, the movement of certain compounds in this species resembles the action of tamoxifen, an anti-estrogen drug used, for example, in the treatment of estrogen-dependent cancers. Thus, no one should have any doubts about the fact that these compounds can effectively lower estrogen levels.

– Brassaiopsis glomerular extract – under this name hides a small species of tree found, among others, in the territory of Vietnam. Why has this species aroused great interest among scientists? Because it turned out that the compounds contained in Brassaiopsis glomerular act as an effective aromatase inhibitor. Thus, they can protect against the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

– Indole-3-Carbinol – this compound occurs naturally in numerous brassica vegetables (e.g. kale, broccoli). One of the most exciting properties of this compound is that it reduces estrogen activity in the body. Even more interesting is that the described mechanism does not affect those estrogens that b

– Arimistane – this compound needs no special introduction. Indeed, Arimistane is the most popular and widely used aromatase inhibitor. Its main asset is its very high efficacy. Therefore, arimistane will work even for people with exceptionally high estrogen levels.

– Acacetin – this active substance is obtained from an extract taken from a plant known as acacia Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia). In the case of this substance, the most crucial property is the inhibition of aromatase activity. Thus, acacetin will perfectly complement the action of other active compounds contained in Brawn Anti-E Complete capsules.

– AstraGin™ – AstraGin™ preparation was created by combining membranous astragalus with false ginseng. However, the selection of these plants was not random. This is because both plants contain substances that can significantly increase the absorption of certain nutrients. Thus, AstraGin™ can further increase the effectiveness of the supplementation used. Interestingly, the presence of false ginseng here has another critical justification. Namely, the compounds in it can affect the increased sensitivity of estrogen receptors in the body. Thus, the effect of the described extract will be seen on two critical levels.

– BioPerine™ – an excellent complement to AstraGin™ will be another patented supplement, namely BioPerine™. It contains a high concentration of pure piperine, found mainly in black pepper. Piperine, like astragalus and ginseng, can increase the absorption of certain nutrients. This is why its presence in Anti-E Complete capsules is so important.


The single recommended daily dose of Brawn Anti-E Complete is four capsules. They should be taken at once and sipped with plenty of water. Between taking two servings, a break of at least 8 hours should be maintained. Otherwise, the effect of the preparation will be less effective.