Brawn Nutrition L-Gen 90caps


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Brawn Nutrition L-Gen is a modern preparation with an innovative composition containing laxogenin – a natural brassinosteroid. Thanks to its high biological activity, this product is particularly recommended for all athletes who want to build muscle mass and improve their performance. It also works perfectly as support for burning redundant fat tissue.

Composition and action

An innovative supplement such as Brawn Nutrition L-Gen means increased strength and endurance and measurable effects in muscle growth. All thanks to the active ingredient – laxogenin. This is a naturally occurring plant steroid compound with a powerful anabolic effect. Research shows that laxogenin increases dry muscle mass while hormone management remains intact. One capsule contains 30 mg of Laxogenin 5A-Hydroxy.

Laxogenin has been subjected to several studies showing that:
accelerates muscle mass building and also slows muscle catabolism,
supports fat tissue burning by participating in the process of lipolysis,
has a strong anabolic effect which increases the efficiency of the body,
is a compound of natural origin and does not exhibit toxicity characteristic of typical steroids,
it may have adaptogenic properties, reducing oxidative stress,
it lowers cortisol levels and improves mood,
It is a safer equivalent of synthetic steroids without negatively impacting female and male hormonal balance.


A single serving is one capsule. Up to 3 servings may be taken per day. There are 90 capsules in the package. Do not exceed the recommended dosage.