Brawn Nutrition P-MAG 35 90 Caps


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Brawn Nutrition P-MAG 35 is an anabolic-androgenic agent recommended for users aiming to lose excess body fat and gain muscle tissue. With its help, the silhouette becomes dense, and muscles are adequately visualised. As a result, the product is ideal for novice athletes or can supplement those who conduct much more advanced training.

Each capsule of Brawn Nutrition P-MAG 35 contains as much as 35 grams of 4-chloro-17a-methylandros-4-ene-3b, 17b-diol. This substance is also referred to as Promagnon, P-Mag, Chloromethylandrostenediol or CMA and is a derivative of testosterone. It is created by replacing the 3-ketone group with a 3-beta hydroxyl group, attaching a 4-chloro group and methylation. As a result, the side effects occurring while taking testosterone are minimised while maintaining anabolic processes. All for the best results!

The substance is a relatively mild anabolic agent. With a low androgenic effect, it shows almost 50% of the anabolic activity of testosterone. It supports the growth of muscle tissue, bone mineralisation, the breakdown of redundant body fat and the synthesis of red blood cells.

Due to its 4-chloro-17a-methylandros-4-ene-3b group, 4-chloro does not constitute an aromatase substrate; thus, it does not undergo aromatisation to estrogen. This eliminates side effects such as e.g. libido decrease, water retention, fat accumulation or gynecomastia.


It is recommended to take one capsule daily. The package contains 90 servings.