Brawn Nutrition TB-500 500mg 60caps


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Brawn Nutrition is now a well-known manufacturer of nutritional supplements. In particular, supplements containing substances such as SARMS and pro-hormones have brought the brand great popularity. Furthermore, from the very beginning, Brawn Nutrition has been relying on increasingly rare single-ingredient formulations. However, these have a crucial advantage, as they allow the qualities of the selected active substance to be tested in detail. This is also the case with Brawn Nutrition TB-500. So what are its properties, and what is worth knowing about it?

The name TB-500 may be utterly unfamiliar to many athletes. The fact is that it is not that popular an active substance. However, its properties make it worth taking an interest in.

To begin with, TB-500 belongs to the group of peptides. Regarding comparisons, this compound is highly often juxtaposed with, by far, the most popular peptide, i.e. BPC-157. Of course, such comparisons are not coincidental, as these compounds’ modes of action are similar in some respects.

Undoubtedly, both BPC-157 and the described TB-500 are compounds used mainly to improve the widely understood regeneration of the organism. However, their effects are somewhat different, and it is essential to bear these differences in mind.

TB-500 has a couple of interesting properties. Firstly, the compound can accelerate the body above regeneration. In this respect, TB-500 shows action on several critical levels. Studies have shown that it can, among other things: reduce inflammation in the body, accelerate wound healing and stimulate angiogenesis, i.e. the formation of new blood vessels. All these factors mean that TB-500 is often used by athletes following injury or surgery.

Why is TB-500 so effective in this respect? The answer lies in the substance’s mode of action. One of its most important strengths is its ability to travel long distances inside the body. This is of great importance, as it allows TB-500 to reach the damaged parts of the body or areas of pronounced inflammation. As a result, its local action is much more effective.

Notably, the action described above can also have a beneficial effect on muscle regeneration. This, in turn, is an essential aspect for people doing strength training or other forms of physical activity. TB-500 can support muscle, joint, and ligament regeneration as an active substance.


TB-500 is a very potent active substance with a high potential for regeneration. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends the use of only one capsule per day. Furthermore, this preparation should be in cycles of at most four weeks. After these cycles, the product should be discontinued to retain the maximum benefits of supplementation.