Brawn Nutrition Venom Pre-Workout 400g


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The Venom Pre-Workout pre-workout from Brawn Nutrition eventually gained considerable popularity in the dietary supplement market. So many people will be happy to know that Venom is back on the market and in a new, improved form!

The Brawn Nutrition company is back to being specific. The composition of the new Venom pre-workout includes only proven active substances with well-known properties. Thanks to this, the described supplement can again be used by people who care about choosing the best possible nutrients.

Brawn Nutrition has created a nutrient that combines as many as four blends to achieve the best results. Their mutual synergy further increases the effectiveness of supplementation and provides more impressive benefits. Here is a list of the essential active ingredients contained in Brawn Nutrition Venom pre-workout:

– Vitamin C – Vitamin C is essential for the proper functioning of the entire body. In addition, its powerful antioxidant properties can be helpful in the context of post-workout muscle recovery.

1 Blend Pump, Power & Performance:

– L-Citrulline – Citrulline not only helps to increase muscle endurance but additionally intensifies the intensity of the muscle pump felt.

– Betaine anhydrous – the benefits of betaine supplementation relate primarily to its effect on the circulatory system. Betaine supports its work and, at the same time, contributes to reducing levels of unfavourable homocysteine.

– Taurine – taurine supplementation can provide several essential health benefits. On the one hand, this amino acid positively affects blood sugar levels while increasing lipid metabolism. On the other hand, taurine protects against muscle catabolism and promotes creatine utilization in the body. Thus, it is a highly versatile supplement for people in training.

– Potassium nitrate – during some conducted studies, it was shown that taking supplements with potassium nitrate can positively impact athletic performance. For this reason, Brawn Nutrition has relied on the admixture of this compound.

– VASO6™ – a patented formulation of VASO6™ is an all-natural supplement that can help improve performance and intensify the muscle pump you feel.

2 Focus & Nootropic:

– N-acetyl-L-tyrosine – modern science has confirmed that tyrosine has truly beneficial effects on the nervous system. This compound supports all vital cognitive functions while reducing the body’s sensitivity to stress. In addition, tyrosine may help the process of muscular development.

CDP-choline – a very similar effect on the body is also exerted by CDP-choline. In its case, too, we can talk about supporting cognitive abilities and reducing the negative impact of stress.

– Rhodiola Rosea extract (standardized to a minimum of 3% salidroside content) – the salidroside found in Rhodiola Rosea are compounds with unique effects. This is because they increase the body’s resistance to stress and other external factors due to a solid adaptogenic effect. Thus, it will be a valuable support for athletes during intense training.

– Huperzine A – This compound has neuroprotective properties and positively affects cognitive abilities.

3 Energy & Drive:

– Anhydrous caffeine – intense action and high practicality of use; these are the two most important features of the anhydrous form of caffeine. This is the most widely used form of caffeine, which finds its way into various dietary supplements.

– Dynamine™ – this patented formulation contains a unique alkaloid that increases energy levels and concentration. Interestingly, Dynamine™ does not have a strictly stimulant effect, but it still provides similar benefits compared to stimuli.

– Walnut extract – inconspicuous walnut extract hides very potent active compounds, which resemble DMHA in terms of action. Therefore, they will be an ideal complement to other stimulants.

– Hordenine HCL – hordenine has highly beneficial properties for athletes, as it not only supports the work of the nervous system but also helps build fitness and performance.

4 Absorption:

– BioPerine™ – a patented formulation of BioPerine™ with an exceptionally high piperine content guarantees higher absorption of other active compounds.


The manufacturer recommends taking a dose equivalent to 3 scoops of the formula at a time. Such an amount of the nutrient should be mixed with water and drunk about 30-45 minutes before training. Importantly, beginners can start supplementation with half the recommended dose.