Trec Nutrition Casein100 -1800 grams


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Casein 100 Trec Nutrition is a protein with a relatively long absorption time. As a result – a person training intensively will be able to make much better use of its anti-catabolic action. This is extremely important because heavy physical activity is associated with muscle breakdown.


It is worth noting that casein is undoubtedly one of the best proteins available. Why? Because it allows not only for much faster muscle regeneration but also their expansion.

The presented product contains 100% pure micellar casein! In combination with water it forms a pudding, which is tasty and easy to take, and due to its dense consistency can successfully replace a meal. A person who trains regularly will not feel hungry even for several hours after taking the supplement.

Casein 100 Trec Nutrition guarantees that your body will be provided with an appropriate dose of all essential amino acids. In the simplest terms, these are organic chemical compounds that build our proteins. You can therefore think of them as a kind of building blocks. In addition to their building function, they act as a source of energy and also influence concentration, mood and the functioning of the immune system.

Special attention should be paid to:

BCAA – branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine), which participate in the formation of protein structure. They facilitate muscle mass building, support regeneration, stimulate protein synthesis and inhibit catabolism of muscle proteins.

L-glutamine – an amino acid, which increases protein synthesis, significantly accelerates regeneration processes, increases the resistance of the organism and improves concentration.


It is recommended to dissolve one serving of the product (30 g) in 200 ml of milk or water. The optimal solution is to take three doses daily.