Centurion Labz God of Rage 30 servings


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Centurion Labz is a renowned American company that produces supplements for professional athletes. It specialises mainly in pre-workouts that maximise the effectiveness of workouts.

God of Rage is a reliable support for your training plan. With it, you’ll break through boundaries to achieve all your goals. In addition, carefully selected ingredients will help you noticeably improve your results during exercise and competition.

With the God of Rage:

increase your strength and endurance,

feel a powerful muscle pump,

boost your adrenaline flow,

see steady progress.

The supplement’s ingredients are of the highest quality and have optimal proportions. Therefore, the synergy between them enhances the effects of the product. The composition includes:

Vitamin D3 – the “sunshine vitamin”, whose main tasks include developing the skeletal system, regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and supporting the cardiovascular system. It shows anti-cancer properties.

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) – a compound and potent antioxidant. It strengthens the immune system, fights free radicals and supports the functions of the circulatory system. It also lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and inhibits skin ageing.

Vitamin B12 – a compound responsible for optimising red blood cell production and cell synthesis.

Citrulline malate – a combination of citrulline and malic acid. It participates in energy metabolism and the urea cycle. In addition, it causes the effect of a strong muscle pump.

Beta-alanine is an endogenous amino acid supporting lean muscle mass formation and activating lactic acid’s neutralisation. It helps improve endurance and performance and accelerates regeneration after training.

Taurine – a biogenic amino acid with anti-catabolic properties. It stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, supports muscle regeneration, facilitates creatine transport, and ensures energy supply. It also protects the heart and liver.

Caffeine anhydrous – caffeine in its anhydrous form. It stimulates the body, stimulates the nervous system, dilates blood vessels and improves concentration.

Walnut extract – a deciduous tree from the nut family. The section supports the functioning of the digestive system, strengthens immunity and promotes self-cleaning.

Theobromine is a purine alkaloid whose primary source is cocoa seeds. It dilates blood vessels, stimulates the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves cognitive function and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

N-Phenethyldimethylamine Citrate – a component of Eria Jarensis extract, DMAA substitute. It stimulates the body and improves concentration, alertness and mood. Positively influences cognitive functions and muscle oxygenation.

The scabious extract is a plant of the Fabaceae family, neurotransmitter, and dopamine precursor. It improves mood and increases vitality and exercise capacity.

Choline tartrate – a compound of choline and tartaric acid. It accelerates fat metabolism, dilates blood vessels, stimulates the nervous system, and improves cognitive function. Supports the heart and liver.

Hordenine hydrochloride is a stimulant alkaloid in a more bioavailable form. It increases the production of norepinexxrine, speeds up metabolism, and stimulates and acts as a bactericide. In addition, it breaks down dopamine and protects the gastric mucosa.

higenamine hydrochloride – an alkaloid of plant origin that optimises lipolysis. It influences the maximisation of fat tissue burning.

Huperzine A – extract from the Chinese moss Huperzia Serrata with a very beneficial effect on the organism. It shows nootropic properties, improves memory and nerve conduction, protects the nervous system, and supports muscle function.

God of Rage is a supplement designed for professional athletes whose workouts put a lot of strain on the body. The formula increases respiratory efficiency and muscle pumping and reduces lactic acid and ammonia production in muscles, significantly facilitating intensive training and post-workout regeneration. It also effectively recharges the batteries, providing an extreme energy kick.


The recommended dose is one scoop (13.8g) taken 30 minutes before exercise. The package contains 30 doses.