Chaos Crew Natty Stack 120caps

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Chaos Crew has recently introduced some fascinating supplements to their lineup. Virtually every one of them contains ingredients that have been patented for their unique properties. Natty Stack capsules are a perfect example of this.

Their hallmark is a multi-faceted effect. On the one hand, these capsules support muscle work by dilating blood vessels during training. Thanks to this, muscles will be supplied with more oxygen, translating into impressive gains. On the other hand, Natty Stack capsules support muscle recovery after training and, at the same time, reduce the feeling of fatigue. Therefore, you have to admit that this is a comprehensive supplement!

These capsules contain as many as four ingredients, including two patented formulations. Here they are:

-Ajuga turkestanica extract (contains at least 10% turkesterone).
The first ingredient is an extract obtained from a small flowering plant that is found in the territory of Central Asia. Ajuga turkestanica contains an exciting compound called turkesterone. This is a type of steroid responsible for the rapid growth of this plant. This, in turn, means that this compound has anabolic properties. Therefore, taking it can provide you with an extra stimulus that will increase your body’s anabolism and thus provide you with more significant gains.

-CellFlo6™ – patented green tea extract
The delicate leaves of green tea contain many beneficial substances. These include catechins, which support the body in many ways. The patented CellFlo6™ formula makes even greater use of its potential because it contains an exceptionally high concentration of catechins. This allows CellFlo6™ to support muscle recovery after training and to support the cardio-respiratory system. It is, therefore, an ideal supplement for active people.

-La.genin – Mexican Sarsaparilla Extract
Another beneficial extract is extracted from Mexican Sarsaparilla. In this plant, you can find the so-called Laxogenin (5-alpha-hydroxy-laxogenin). This compound also shows a strong anabolic effect and, in this respect, complements turkesterone perfectly. Moreover, substances contained in Mexican Sarsaparilla can increase testosterone production and positively affect sexual performance.

-Brainberry™ – patented black chokeberry extract
Chokeberry fruits may be associated primarily with various preserves, but you can find something even better inside them. We are, of course, talking about various beneficial compounds and nutrients. They became the basis for the development of a patented product Brainberry ™. This product is a nootropic, which supports the nervous system and improves cognitive abilities. It makes it easier for you to maintain concentration, which is very important during intense exercise.


The maximum daily dose is four capsules. Drink the capsules with plenty of water.