Core Labs On Cycle Complete (120 Caps)


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Sports supplementation can take many forms. Some choose only to take supplements that allow them to replenish the levels of natural substances and vitamins. Others opt for more advanced formulations capable of supporting better training results. The most advanced individuals, on the other hand, choose formulations with exceptionally high anabolic potential. With such supplementation, care must be taken to protect the body against potential side effects.

With this in mind, On Cycle Complete from Core Labs was developed. It is designed to comprehensively support the body’s work and the essential internal organs during supplementation. Its unique formula contains numerous active compounds, and their synergistic action will guarantee even better results.

Here is a complete list of the key ingredients in this supplement:

1. Heart Support:

– Hawthorn Berries powder – Hawthorn berries have been used in folk medicine for many years. However, modern science has confirmed that they have very beneficial properties. For example, Hawthorn can significantly lower triglyceride levels and reduce bad cholesterol and blood pressure. All this makes it a positive influence on heart function.

– Na-R-ALA – this type of R-alpha-lipoic acid supports heart function on the one hand. However, on the other hand, it has additional benefits, as it improves glycogen synthesis and helps the body absorb creatine.

– Garlic extract – garlic has been a well-known remedy for the heart for centuries. The compounds it contains can lower blood pressure and reduce adverse cholesterol levels.

– Magnesium malate – magnesium and potassium are critical elements for the electrolyte management of the heart. Therefore, magnesium could not be absent from the described supplement.

– Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q-10) – Coenzyme Q-10 is known to support the work of the entire body. However, it is worth knowing that it has a particularly positive effect on the heart, as it improves heart function and increases endurance during exercise.

2 Liver Support:

– NAC – taking care of liver health is one of the critical aspects when using supplementation. NAC, the N-acetylated form of cysteine, can help with this. This compound has a very positive effect on liver function and, at the same time, supports processes related to the metabolism of toxins.

– TUDCA (taurodeoxycholic acid) – this acid has a protective effect on liver cells and thus protects the liver from damage.

– Milk thistle extract (standardised to 80% silymarin) is still a well-known remedy for liver problems. Its beneficial effects are due, among other things, to silymarin, which supports liver function and accelerates liver regeneration processes.

– Rosemary leaf extract – the active substances contained in aromatic rosemary have antibacterial properties and support liver function.

– Phospholipids – a unique feature of phospholipids is their ability to penetrate directly into liver cells. As a result, they are very effective in accelerating liver regeneration.

– L-glutathione – this compound can promote liver regeneration and simultaneously reduce the adverse effects of factors that can damage this organ.

3 Prostate Support:

– Sabal palm extract – Sabal palm extracts are often used as adjunctive therapy for the treatment of prostate hypertrophy. However, it is worth knowing that they also have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system.

4 Kidney Support:

– Cordyceps extract – the properties of cordyceps make this mushroom increasingly popular. Although much attention has been paid to it as a nootropic value, it is also worth knowing that cordyceps can support kidney function. This action aims to reduce the adverse effects of drugs and supplements on kidney health.

5 Skin Support:

– Zinc Bisglycinate Chelate – this unique type of zinc comprehensively supports skin, hair and nail health. It can therefore protect against the development of skin lesions during supplementation.

– Selenium Glycinate – selenium deficiencies in the body can contribute to hair loss and skin deterioration. Therefore, with regular supplementation, it is worth ensuring that selenium levels are sufficiently high.


Core Labs recommends taking four capsules of the On Cycle Complete supplement daily. One supplement packet is sufficient for an equal four weeks of use.