Dark Labs Epistane 90 caps 10mg


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When deciding on systematic physical activity, many people hope that exercising will quickly increase their muscle mass. However, contrary to appearances, it is not that simple, and if we want to achieve spectacular results, we should remember to enrich our regular training with appropriate supplementation. An excellent product, in this case, is Dark Labs Epistane 90 capsules 10 mg. So why should you choose it?

One dose of the preparation contains as much as 10 mg of epistane. It is an anti-estrogenic compound with a strong anabolic effect, thanks to which it allows you to develop a compact, dry and trim muscularity (improvement of vascularisation). In addition, the agent supports the reduction of fat tissue and excess water in the body. Another advantage is the promotion of testosterone, which has a positive effect on libido and sexual performance. Epistane also exhibits anti-catabolic properties, as well as increasing muscle strength and endurance and improving mood.

Dark Labs Epistane acts on androgen receptors in skeletal muscle cells and muscle stem cells. This results, among other things, in the stimulation of protein synthesis, a significant increase in the regenerative potential of muscles and their better nutrition. In addition, the product reduces the risk of gynecomastia and other effects caused by the activity of female hormones.

The product is very well absorbed. Together with a balanced diet and appropriate training, it guarantees immediate and visible effects. Strength gains and an aesthetic silhouette can impress!


The product has a strong influence on testosterone, which is why the maximum daily dose should not be exceeded. The recommended dose is one capsule. The package contains 90 doses.