Dark Labs Tudca 60 caps


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Manufacturer Dark Labs is known for its high-quality and tremendously effective sports supplements. In addition to several hardcore boosters and stimulants, the company also has OCT (On-Cycle Therapy) in the TUDCA range, which provides effective liver protection during a cycle with prohormones, steroids, or other hardcore substances.

How important Cycle Support is, I hope everyone who has dealt with anabolic steroids, prohormones, SARMs & Co. knows. Especially the liver – but also the whole body – should be supported during treatment. Post-cycle therapy should bring hormone levels (especially testosterone levels) back into balance after a cycle so that you can maintain muscle mass in the long term. The Tudca supplement contains tauroursodeoxycholic acid. This substance counteracts the toxicity of powerful anabolic steroids and stimulants. The liver can quickly eliminate toxic metabolites, preventing or alleviating harmful side effects. Tudca’s water-soluble bile acid also supports cells etc. and is often used in products with other substances such as N-acetyl L-cysteine, milk thistle extract, alpha lipoic acid, and several others.


The manufacturer recommends 1 capsule up to 2 times daily