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Supplements designed to accelerate bodybuilding are often associated with steroids or other synthetic compounds. However, it is worth knowing that in the 21st century, athletes can also use other alternatives. This is because entirely new preparations of this type have appeared for dietary supplements. Interestingly, some are entirely natural, as they have been created using only plant-based ingredients. This category includes the unique M.E.T. Plant-Based Muscle Builder from D.N.A. Sports.

The very name of this supplement captures its characteristics and critical benefits quite well. The abbreviation M.E.T. is not coincidental, as it was created by combining the first letters of the three active compounds found in the composition of this supplement. Of course, these are all-natural ingredients with high anabolic potential. As a result, they can effectively help build muscle mass and increase the body’s strength while not generating the side effects typical of synthetic supplements.

What are these active compounds? Here is a brief overview of their characteristics and mode of action:

– M – Mucuna Pruriens (L-dopa) – the first ingredient is a high-quality extract extracted from a plant called Mucuna Pruriens. This extract contains some fascinating compounds, but L-dopa is the most significant interest here. This is an amino acid that plays a vital role in the synthesis of essential hormones. According to the researchers, it synthesises dopamine, adrenaline and noradrenaline. Therefore, its supplementation may lead to an increase in their levels, which in turn will provide several beneficial effects. After all, adrenaline is responsible for increasing the body’s exercise capacity during physical activity, and dopamine is the famous happiness hormone. In addition, L-dopa, according to some studies, can also affect the body’s anabolism. Here, the mechanism of action is already broader. L-dopa may increase the synthesis of growth hormones and gently raise testosterone levels. This, in turn, also indirectly leads to increased libido and improved sexual performance.

– E – Ecdysterone (Beta-ecdysterone) – for years, anabolic steroids were the only solution for bodybuilders. However, compounds with a slightly lower potency but significantly higher safety profile have now appeared on the market. One of these is beta-ecdysterone, a plant sterol. Studies have shown that this compound can affect stabilising blood glucose levels, among other things. However, athletes will be more interested in the fact that beta-ecdysterone can positively affect the process of muscle protein synthesis. This is very important because this synthesis forms the basis of the hypertrophy process. Therefore, its effectiveness is crucial in achieving sufficiently significant muscle gains.

– T – Turkesterone (Ajuga Turkestanica) – the last letter T corresponds to another natural substance, turkesterone. This active compound is primarily found in extracts from the Ajuga Turkestanica plant. It is currently the most popular natural steroid compound. This is obviously due to its properties. Scientists assume that turkesterone can significantly benefit the body’s anabolism and the simultaneous reduction of catabolic processes. As a result, it may be of particular value to those involved in strength and figure sports. In addition, turkesterone may have an adaptogenic effect and increase the body’s resistance to stress.


Taking two capsules of the product daily is advisable for the most significant possible effectiveness. After taking the entire pack, discontinue use for at least four weeks.