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Sports-active men, as a rule, focus on getting better and better results in their sport. This is entirely understandable, but at the same time, one should remember one universal principle in the world of sports. The results obtained directly result from our current disposition, which is closely related to health. Therefore, it’s worth focusing not only on your current form but also on your overall health and well-being.

DNA Sports has even prepared a unique formula to maintain good health and well-being. Male Up capsules were created based on natural ingredients with high health-promoting potential. Thus, their task is to support broadly defined health and vitality. The universal nature makes reaching for such capsules for practically every active guy possible.

What exactly can be found in Male Up capsules? Below is the complete list of active compounds:

– Black Matzo extract – Matzo root has become a trendy remedy in recent years for men who want to increase their testosterone and perceived libido. On the other hand, it is worth knowing that there are also supplements made from black matzo root. This variety may show the most effective action in improving semen quality and increasing libido. In addition, some researchers suggest that it can further support brain function and enhance sleep quality.

– Fadogia agrestis extract – the extract from this tropical plant contains numerous active substances. Some of them can have a beneficial effect on both perceived libido and testosterone levels. In addition, such an extract can provide the added benefit of increased energy.

– BlackVCube™ – this is one of the two patented ingredients in this supplement. It contains a particular type of black ginger extract. Significantly, the indigenous people of today’s Thailand have used black ginger for centuries as a remedy for low libido. Today’s science has confirmed that it can make it easier for some men to achieve a relaxed state, translating into a higher libido. In addition, certain compounds in ginger can improve blood flow, improving the quality and length of erections.

– Shilajit (mummy) – Himalayan mummy positively affects human bodies. On the one hand, it has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, it can accelerate the regeneration of the body and increase the level of vitality. Therefore, it will be a valuable addition to the supplementation used.

– Cistanche Tubulosa extract – conducted studies have shown that this extract can increase the activity of certain enzymes and thus increase the natural synthesis of testosterone. Therefore, it can have a beneficial effect not only on broader health but also on training performance.

– Diindolomethane (DIM) – diindolomethane is a natural substance that converts compounds found in cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli and kale). It has hugely beneficial effects on the human body. First of all, DIM exhibits potent antioxidant and anticancer effects. In addition, it can neutralize the adverse effects of certain compounds on testosterone synthesis. Therefore, it is a precious compound for men.

– 5-HTP – under the acronym 5-HTP is hidden 5-hydroxytryptophan, a compound with exciting properties. This compound is converted to serotonin, one of the most essential hormones in our bodies. As a result, 5-HTP can slightly improve mood and prevent symptoms typical of depression.

– Bioperine™ – dietary supplements can contain various substances that, in theory, should benefit our bodies. However, quite often, it turns out that the low bioavailability of such compounds severely limits the potential health benefits. For this reason, it is worth taking care to increase such assimilability. A patented preparation Bioperine™, which contains high amounts of natural piperine, can help. It is one of the few substances that can increase the bioavailability of other compounds. Thus, Bioperine™ is an integral part of many quality supplements.


DNA Sports recommends taking up to 4 capsules of Male Up per day. Each tablet should be sipped with plenty of water so the caps dissolve more quickly in the stomach.