Driven Sports Thermo-Fuze 60 Capsules


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During the weight loss phase, the primary aspect is to achieve a caloric deficit. Thus, the most effective practice is to simultaneously increase energy expenditure (e.g., through more intense aerobic training) and reduce the number of calories consumed. Unfortunately, a high appetite can effectively hinder such an effect. That’s why athletes can reach for Thermo-Fuze from Driven Sports during a period of reduction.

Thermo-Fuze is a high-end fat burner, the effect of which can be seen on two significant levels. On the one hand, Thermo-Fuze intensifies the intensity of specific metabolic processes to accelerate the burning of calories. On the other hand, some of the plant extracts in this formula can also inhibit perceived appetite and cravings. This should further help you achieve satisfactory results during a caloric deficit.

Here is a list of the essential active ingredients contained in this supplement:

– Beta-Phenylethylamine HCL (BPEA) – BPEA, as an active compound, synthesises certain hormones. Some outright claim that because of this, it shows a mildly stimulating effect. However, the increased synthesis of certain hormones (especially adrenaline) can help improve the body’s exercise capacity. This, in turn, will also increase activity time and thus increase the number of calories burned.

– Anhydrous caffeine – aerobic workouts require a high amount of energy. However, you can only sometimes count on the right mood. Therefore, in crises, a solid dose of anhydrous caffeine can substantially boost energy. It is worth knowing that this form of caffeine works more effectively and longer than its traditional counterpart.

– Extract from the leaves of Erythropalum Scandens – this plant species contains alkaloids with a wide range of effects on the human body. In studies conducted, scientists have proven that they can have anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, alkaloids quite often also show a stimulating effect on our nervous system.

– Green tea leaf extract – there’s a reason why green tea is strongly recommended for people who aim to lose weight. This is because green tea leaves contain certain compounds, specifically catechins, which reduce fat absorption from food. In addition, green tea helps to achieve a state of relaxation, so it has a beneficial effect on recovery after workouts.

– Green coffee seed extract – green coffee seeds contain various health-promoting compounds. However, chlorogenic acid deserves special attention in the context of weight loss. Studies have shown that it can have a significant effect on fat metabolism. The most noticeable effect was the reduction of fat deposition. At the same time, this acid can inhibit cravings and thus curb appetite.

– Psoraela corylifolia seed extract – active compounds in a plant known as Psoraela corylifolia may have equally beneficial effects. According to researchers, they can lead to activation and increase the intensity of metabolic processes associated with fat burning. Thus, such an extract will sensationally complement the action of all the substances described above.

– Alchornea floribunda extract – the plant known as Alchornea floribunda can be a precious ally for all athletes and active people. This is because the active compounds in this plant appear to enhance the work of the immune system. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. It is essential for body regeneration and getting rid of free radicals.


Thermo-Fuze capsules are a typical fat burner, so the target dosage should be taken before exercising. The manufacturer recommends taking one capsule and drinking plenty of water at that time. In addition, the presence of anhydrous caffeine in the formulation makes it better to use it early enough in the evening.