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Hi-tech ECA Xtreme should not be used by people looking for weaker, stagnant burners. On the contrary, ECA Xtreme Stack is a product aimed at advanced users who want to cut (to competitions or the beach) entirely or those who want to lose more fat. ECA, combined with proper diet and training, is a beneficial tool for your dream figure. However, only the capsule contains as much as 575 mg of active substances, of which one should distinguish:

Ephedra Extract – the plant contains alkaloids with a thermogenic effect, which increases the body’s primary energy expenditure, causing a caloric deficit. It is thus an effective way to increase the rate of metabolism and fat burning. Besides, supplementation with green grass extracts reduces appetite, making it easier to maintain the diet, especially during low caloric intake periods. In addition, studies show that the plant is a source of flavonoids able to scavenge free radicals in the body.

Kola Nut Extract – Kola nut extract is characterized by high caffeine content – well known to all stimulants fighting fatigue, positively affecting oxygen economy, and accelerating post-workout regeneration. It also has thermogenic properties, particularly in combination with such substances as polyphenols, yohimbine, geranium, and theobromine.

White Willow Extract – the essential active ingredient of the white willow bark is salicylic acid; the discovery of this substance gave rise to numerous studies, which was to create a popular drug with aspirin vapour (based on acetylsalicylic acid). The pulverization of white willow bark supports the restoration of mobility in “creaky” joints and helps relieve inflammation and joint pain for people suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. Also, supportive in the prevention of heart attacks. White willow affects the adjustment of the sweating process, which is why it is recommended for women to use it during menopause.

Senegalia berlandieri Extract – a rich source of alkaloids such as increased pressure, stimulation and dopamine level n-methylphenethylamine (NMPEA), 2-Phenylethylamine responsible for the occurrence of the phenomenon of “runner euphoria”, which positively translates into the effectiveness of training, especially during staying in the calorie deficit and its derivative tyramine.

N, N-Dimethylpenylethylamine- is a substituted phenylethylamine, was first isolated from the Eria Jarensis orchid, and used successfully in pre-workout supplements with a stimulating effect.

2-Aminoisoheptane HCL- is a stimulant with other names such as 2-aminoisoheptane or octodrine. DMHA has a relaxant effect on the bronchi, thanks to which our aerobic capacity increases. Moreover, it has decongestant activity (narrowing blood vessels, causing an increase in the oxygen flow rate), does not cause “stupor,” and sharpens the senses that could not always be experienced with dmaa.

Green Tea Extract – catechins in green tea inhibit the catechol O-methyltransferase enzyme or COMT, which breaks down the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine. Because green tea is rich in catechins, it helps raise norepinephrine, keep it elevated, and prolong thermogenesis. It has also been shown that there is a synergistic interaction between the caffeine in green tea and catechins (in particular EGCG) in green tea, which increases the body’s use of calories as energy. Also, it was found that combining caffeine and EGCG in green tea significantly increases the resting metabolic rate.

Theobromine-theobromine is found primarily in cocoa beans, popular yerba mate, coffee, or tea. Its main features include diuretic, pressure-reducing, and thermogenic properties, especially in combination with caffeine and polyphenols. This substance stimulates the heart and dilates blood vessels, thanks to which it has a presumed antihypertensive effect (however, it has not yet been confirmed by tests). Thanks to the Theobromine, ECA XTREME has a positive impact on muscle definition as well.

Phenylethylamine HCL: Phenylethylamine is a naturally occurring fraction in chocolate called the “substance of euphoria and joy.” Phenylethylamine (PEA) increases concentration, gives a feeling of well-being, and adds energy. Phenylethylamine has stimulating properties, increases dopamine, increases power, improves mood, and reduces physical and mental fatigue. It is synthesized from the amino acid L-Phenylalanine.

Citrus Aurantium – bitter orange is not an edible fruit, but it is an excellent source of vitamin C, which in the Extract can reach even 42%. Bitter oranges are much richer than just vitamin C and antioxidants, such as bioflavonoids and hesperidin. In addition to the high content of perfectly digestible vitamin C, the bitter orange is primarily known for its consistency in the synephrine plant, a natural substitute for ephedrine. Synephrine has a similar structure to ephedrine. It is obtained naturally from immature citrus fruit, e.g., Citrus uranium L., Citrus aurantium L. This substance is a natural substitute for ephedra. Increasingly, it is added to drugs and dietary supplements intended for athletes and overweight people. This compound boosts metabolism, reduces appetite, and increases mental and motor activity. Synephrine increases blood pressure and affects the minute volume of the heart. It widens the bronchi to facilitate breathing, effectively clears the sinuses, and improves well-being.

Chromium Polynicotinate – Chromium picolinate – is the most bioavailable and characterized by maximum absorption of the form of the trace element – chromium – showing primarily the effect of accelerating metabolism, regulating the level of glucose in the blood, reducing appetite, or regulating cholesterol by lowering the level of LDL and increasing HDL.


One capsule three times a day