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Over the years, pre-workouts have been associated primarily with strong stimulant effects. Thus, their task was to increase perceived energy while reducing fatigue. However, over time, manufacturers began to expand the spectrum of action of such nutrients. The symbol of the new trend became the addition of various compounds with nootropic effects. Thanks to them, pre-workout supplements became much more versatile, as they also began to affect the work of the nervous system.

An example of such a nutrient is the pre-workout Decim8 from Elev8 Supplements. It combines a robust stimulating effect and the positive effect of compounds with nootropic action. Thus, it can provide dual benefits to those who train.

In the composition of Decim8, you can find more than a dozen proven active substances. Of particular note are compounds such as:

– Citrulline malate – citrulline is a compound with very versatile properties. On the one hand, it intensifies the feeling of a muscle pump and improves endurance. That’s why it can be used by strength athletes and athletes training in other sports.

– Betaine anhydrous – the positive effects of betaine are primarily related to the reduction of cysteine levels, which in turn translates into better performance of the entire circulatory system. For the same reason, betaine can support the achievement of a more robust muscle pump, all due to the more efficient transport of oxygen to the muscles.

– Beta-alanine – the combination of beta-alanine with citrulline provides a highly beneficial synergy that further promotes the achievement of better muscle endurance.

– L-tyrosine – tyrosine positively affects nervous system function in many ways. In addition, some scientific studies report its impact on processes related to fat burning.

– Choline bicinate – supplementation with choline bicinate is said to lead to an increase in the level of acetylcholine in the body. Higher levels of this neurotransmitter can result in marked improvements in cognitive abilities (e.g., maintaining concentration more effectively or absorbing new information more quickly).

– Alpha-GPC – choline alphoscerate will effectively complement the effects of choline bicinate and increase its intensity.

– VASO6™ – a patented formulation of VASO6™ can intensify the perceived pump and support overall endurance.

– Theobromine – this alkaloid found mainly in cocoa beans has a stimulating effect. Interestingly, theobromine relaxes smooth muscle, so it can help relieve some discomforts (such as coughing).

– Anhydrous caffeine – caffeine in its anhydrous form is a highly condensed compound, so its supplementation provides an intense stimulant effect.

– DMHA – if caffeine doesn’t provide a big enough energy boost, DMHA will surely make up for it. It is a highly potent compound with a stimulating effect.

– Eria Jarensis Extract – the stimulating properties of the compounds in Eria Jarensis will further enhance the effects achieved by the other ingredients of Decim8 pre-workout.

– Infienergy™ – this patented formulation contains a particular type of caffeine with a slightly modified release. The altered specificity of this formula guarantees a more prolonged and potent effect.

– Caffeine citrate – caffeine in the form of citrate has a fast absorption rate, which reduces the time required to achieve the desired stimulating effect.

– Neurofactor™ – this is another patented caffeine formulation, but its effect differs slightly. Neurofactor™ primarily benefits cognitive abilities and nervous system function.

– Cocobuterol™ – as the name suggests, the patented supplement Cocobuterol™ is based on compounds found in cocoa. This formula can increase energy levels, improve mood, and influence faster fat burning.

– Noopept – this synthetic substance can significantly improve concentration and the ability to absorb new information while supporting other cognitive functions.

– Huperzine – huperzine belongs to a group of compounds whose supplementation can increase acetylcholine levels in the body. This, in turn, makes it classified as a supplement with nootropic effects.


The recommended dosage is one scoop (about 18.5 g) of the product, which should be mixed with water and drunk back 30 minutes before training.