TWP Enhanced Liver Support – Tudca 60caps


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Enhanced Liver Support is the perfect choice if you want to rid your body of lingering toxins or struggle with kidney stones or cirrhosis.

Difficult access to highly nutritious foods, stressful lifestyles, and medical conditions contribute to the body’s failure to function correctly. Therefore, supporting the liver with the proper supplementation has become a guarantee for reducing the adverse effects of modern life.

TWP Enhanced Liver Support dietary supplement – Tudca:

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid (TUDCA) is a water-soluble salt of bile acid. It occurs naturally in the human body, and its supplementation works excellent for lowering cholesterol. TUDCA is used in hospital and clinical settings to treat cholestasis and counteract the toxic accumulation of bile in the liver. Studies prove that TUDCA has been shown to reduce the activity of proteins responsible for stress. Unfortunately, this acid also acts on several diseases, including osteoarthritis, vascular disease.

Enhanced Liver Support – Tudca is currently the most effective natural dietary supplement – targeted at liver support. It has a hepatoprotective effect, i.e., it protects liver cells, thanks to which you will not only support the removal of toxins from the body but also improve your blood results.


1 capsule a day.

One capsule provides 250mg of tauroursodeoxycholic acid.
The package contains 60 capsules, which corresponds to a two-month treatment. It can be taken simultaneously with milk thistle.