Red Army Hammer&Sickle 90 caps Tren 30mg


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The Red Army brand is very recognizable in the supplement world. This is due not only to the distinctive marketing based on themes of Soviet Russia. Much more important is that the company Red Army creates excellent preparations with proven action.

Red Army Hammer & Sickle Tren Prohormones capsules are a perfect example. They contain as many as two active substances, increasing their effectiveness.

The first compound is tren, which probably needs no introduction. After all, it is a legendary doping agent. Although tren was created as a steroid, it has no methyl group. This property means that it is not toxic to the liver. Of course, in the case of Tren, its effects must be mentioned first and foremost. Why? Because scientists have proven that tren belongs to the group of substances showing the most potent product on androgen receptors. For that reason, it provides virtually unlimited potential in terms of building muscle mass.

Usually, tren is the main ingredient in supplements. However, the Red Army company additionally combined it with a substance called diene dione. This is another steroid that exhibits extremely powerful thermogenic effects. This is best evidenced by the fact that night sweats can occur while taking diene dione. This is due to the strong thermogenesis leading to rapid fat loss. This explains why diene dione is used by athletes looking to maximize their physique.

The combination of these two substances provides lightning effects. Thanks to it, the Red Army Hammer & Sickle formula guarantees

– a very intensive increase in lean muscle mass;

– a marked increase in overall strength levels;

– Enhanced thermogenesis and fat tissue reduction.

At this point, however, we need to mention a few fundamental principles. First, as you know, tren and diene dione is unsuitable for beginners. Furthermore, the steroids mentioned need to be more robust to be recommended to less experienced athletes. Thus, Red Army Hammer & Sickle can only be recommended to people with a lot of experience (both in sports and in terms of taking enhancers).

Additionally, the intense action of the preparation means that it can only be taken for a while. In this case, the best solution will be slightly shorter cycles, allowing you to achieve maximum effects. Moreover, such a scheme increases the safety of the supplementation itself.


One capsule contains 30 milligrams of tren combined with diene dione. This is a relatively high dose, so the manufacturer recommends taking only 1-3 capsules daily. The daily quantity should be adjusted to the needs of your body. At the same time, the recommended length of the cycle is only 8-10 weeks.