Hi Tech Ultimate Orange 448g DMHA


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Ultimate Orange is a new pre-workout supplement from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals! The latest version of the Ultimate Orange pre-workout promises stimulation with incredible strength. The unique blend combines the most effective ingredients such as DMHA (150 mg), Bitter Orange Extract Extract (25mg), Caffeine (100mg), BCAA amino acids, Choline, Inositol, vitamins, and minerals to form a comprehensive pre-workout supplement. The supplement ideally improves physical fitness, regulates energy management, reduces fatigue, intensifies lipolysis, and creates an appropriate anabolic environment for muscle growth and development.

Ultimate Orange consists of ingredients such as:

Bitter Orange Extract – an extract that is a source of Bitter Orange Extract alkaloid – a famous fat-burning agent. The content of this ingredient is significant due to its very high potential in accelerating metabolism and increasing BMR (Basic Metabolic Rate), i.e., primary, basic metabolism. In this way, this product facilitates fat burning during a training session and around the clock.

Inositol – is a natural compound necessary for the proper functioning of our body. It improves mood, regulates the endocrine system, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, and stimulates the regeneration of all body tissues. In addition, it is necessary for the proper functioning of the reproductive system of men and women, which is why it is sometimes called the “fertility vitamin.”

Caffeine – in the human body blocks adenosine receptors in the brain, fighting the symptoms of fatigue and allowing you to activate activities. It benefits oxygen metabolism, increasing exercise capacity (strength and endurance) and accelerating post-workout regeneration. In the sports supplementation, caffeine is used as a nervous system stimulant. In addition, it has thermogenic potential and, combined with other substances (e.g., polyphenols, found in coffee beans, cocoa beans, tea leaves, and mate), can effectively reduce body fat.

DMHA – is a stimulating compound with other names, such as dmha or octodrine. DMHA works bronchodilator, which increases our aerobic capacity. In addition, it has decongestant activity (narrowing of blood vessels, causing an increase in the rate of oxygen flow), does not cause “stupidity,” and sharpens the senses, which could not always be experienced with dmaa.

Choline creates and maintains standard cell structure, controlling muscle function, respiratory system, heart function, and memory-related brain work. Research shows that choline improves long-term memory. Some specialists argue that a diet containing a large amount of absorbable choline (egg diet) can reduce the risk of dementia, dementia characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease. Choline also assigns a role in reducing the risk of developing cancer. In addition, choline is involved in the regulation of lipid metabolism. It also has a beneficial effect on the liver. It is especially recommended in cases of liver overload due to an incorrect, hard-to-digest diet, alcohol, or medication.

A set of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of organisms is recommended for physically active people. It contains specially selected ingredients for athletes, providing the broadest possible spectrum of active substances that improve fitness and physical performance. At the same time, it has nootropic effects by increasing mental performance. Proven ingredients make the product stand out on the pre-workout supplement market. Extracts from Bitter Orange Extract and DMHA have an enormously stimulating, energizing, and motivating effect for performing intense workouts. Ultimate Orange also promotes the loss of resistant fat.

In summary, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Ultimate Orange is a pre-workout supplement that maximally promotes exercise capacity. Thanks to the fantastic combination of stimulants (DMHA, Bitter Orange Extract, and caffeine), the product extremely strongly stimulates, effectively increases motivation, and positively affects mental functions, making it easier to get through the most demanding training sessions.


It is recommended to use one scoop 30 minutes before exercise.