IGNIT3 120 Caps


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Olympus Labs Ignit3 120 Caps

Are you tired of the idea of slow fat burning? If you answered yes, it means it’s time to make your fat burn! Now it’s possible thanks to a new burner from Olympus Labs.

Ignit3 is a product with multi-directional action. Of course, its primary task is to support the processes involved in burning body fat. However, Ignit3 also works on other levels. On the one hand, it speeds up metabolism, and on the other, it boosts energy and improves your mood. That’s why people taking this formula can count on several beneficial effects!

The composition of Olympus Labs Ignit3 is based on carefully selected substances. These are:

– Jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) extract – jiaogulan is one of many plants used as part of Eastern folk medicine. Nevertheless, modern science has confirmed its health-promoting effects. The most important information is that jiaogulan contains compounds referred to as damulins A and B. These act as activators of AMPK, which means that they stimulate the body to burn fat.

– Olive Leaf Extract – The high content of omega-3 fatty acids is not the only reason to consume olive-derived products. Olive leaves also contain the active ingredient oleuropein. According to scientists, it has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, so it is excellent for strengthening our immune system. What’s more, oleuropein can lower blood cholesterol levels! The extract used by Olympus Labs is standardized to contain as much as 40% oleuropein.

– Caffeine anhydrous – regular physical exercise is an irreplaceable way to speed up the weight loss process. However, maintaining a defined training plan requires discipline and a hefty dose of energy. The latter may be provided by the anhydrous form of caffeine. It provides a quick burst of extra power just before the next workout begins!

– Madagascar Aframone Extract – The seeds of the exotic Aframone contain lots of exciting compounds. A great example would be 6-paradol, which is a bioactive substance that affects our metabolism, among other things. Researchers have shown that 6-paradol can help maintain optimal lipid metabolism while reducing levels of “bad” cholesterol. That’s why Olympus Labs chose a standardized extract containing at least 12.5% pure 6-paradol.

– Sesamol – sesame is a popular addition to baked goods and many dishes. These inconspicuous seeds may delight not only with the depth of taste but also with their properties. Sesame contains a chemical compound called sesamol. It prevents the formation of free radicals and affects the lowering of blood sugar levels. It is worth remembering that elevated sugar levels often occur in people who are overweight or obese. Therefore, sesame and sesamol contained in it will be very useful during weight reduction.

– Tangerine seed extract – although tangerines are generally lovely fruits, they also have a certain amount online. This is the chemical compound responsible for the sour taste of the seeds. Interestingly, nomiline has a strong antiviral effect, so it can promote the strengthening of our immunity. In addition, it supports the process of weight loss.

– Theacrine™ – caffeine effectively stimulates the body, but with frequent use, it loses its power. Therefore, an alternative for people with a high level of tolerance for caffeine may be theacrine contained in the patented product Theacrine™. This compound also has a strong stimulating effect, but it breaks down much more slowly. This means that people taking theacrine can enjoy an extra boost of energy for longer!

– Ginseng Root Extract – The health-promoting properties of ginseng are now known worldwide. The result, among other things, from the presence of ginsenosides belonging to the group of saponins. These active substances have a very universal effect. The list of benefits of their use includes the normalization of the work of the endocrine system, improvement of cognitive abilities, and lowering of blood sugar levels.

– N-methylliberine (Dinamine™) – The chemical compound referred to as N-methylliberine is the main ingredient in the patented Dinamine™ formula. Chemically, it has properties similar to caffeine and theacrine. Thus N-methylliberine can increase energy and motivation levels and improve mood. On the other hand, its effect is faster but shorter than other stimulants. Therefore, it can be used together with caffeine or theacrine, making the benefits of supplementation even greater!


The recommended dosage of Ignit3 is 2 capsules. However, the maximum daily dose is two, for a total of 4 capsules. It is essential to take Ignit3 capsules on an empty stomach with plenty of water. Taking larger doses is strongly discouraged.