Ko-kalabz 3CC 60caps Testosterone Booster


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Testosterone is undoubtedly the biggest and most important ally of your masculinity. This hormone regulates all so-called sex characteristics, so among other things: fertility, libido levels, as well as muscular development. Thus, testosterone plays a vital role in all guys’ bodies.

Testosterone levels depend on many environmental factors and individual body conditions. However, the fact is that in all men, testosterone levels change with age. The highest concentrations of the hormone are seen in teenagers and young adults. This continues until about 25-30 years of age. Unfortunately, after that, testosterone levels begin to decline slowly. Fortunately, you don’t have to watch this passively!

Koka Labz has once again set a new quality on the supplement market. The brand has launched a unique 3CC Testosterone Booster. As the manufacturer declares, it is one of the most potent boosters ever introduced to the market!

It consists of the following substances:

– Bulbine natalensis (extract) – this African plant hides a veritable wealth of various alkaloids and other beneficial substances. Research has shown that some of the compounds contained in its sections may significantly increase testosterone synthesis and improve sexual performance at the same time.

– Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium/Barrenwort) – while the common name epimedium may be amusing, this plant should not be taken lightly. It is an effective remedy for sexual performance problems. Experts in Chinese folk medicine first discovered its unique properties. Today epimedium is a highly valued ingredient that often appears in testosterone boosters.

Eurycoma longifolia (Longjack/Tongkat Ali) – Another unique plant grows in faraway Malaysia, which has intensely intrigued researchers. Longjack has many exciting properties, but the most well-known is its positive effect on libido levels. What’s more, some studies attribute the plant’s potential to increase the body’s exercise capacity.

– Diindolylmethane (DIM) – despite its complicated-sounding name, DIM is a natural substance found in some cruciferous vegetables. Researchers praise its strong anti-cancer effects, but it is worth knowing that DIM also has other benefits. For example, this compound may help regulate the hormonal balance by increasing the synthesis of, among others, sex hormones.

– Fenugreek Extract – the unique qualities of fenugreek seeds have made it one of the most popular natural ingredients used today to boost testosterone levels. Interestingly, the extract derived from these seeds does not increase testosterone synthesis but significantly inhibits its breakdown.

– Sabal palm extract – the exact mechanism of action of compounds contained in sabal palm has not been explained to date. Nevertheless, researchers agree that they participate in the process of production and subsequent conversion of testosterone. Therefore, the use of sabal palm extract is also recommended in the case of recurrent prostate problems.

– Catuaba tree bark extract – for many years, the mysterious Amazon has concealed many natural secrets. One of them was the effect of the bark extracted from the Catuaba tree. Researchers have shown that an extract derived from this bark can support the function of the circulatory system. This, in turn, increases the strength of erections and indirectly improves sexual performance.

N-methyl-D-aspartic acid – during weight reduction, many people complain about severe fatigue and difficulties maintaining concentration. Fortunately, aspartic acid can effectively relieve these complaints. It has a strong nootropic effect, which means that it supports the work of the nervous system. Its supplementation will therefore be very beneficial with a reduced caloric supply.

– Indian nettle extract – the properties of Indian nettle are valued mainly by people striving to reduce body weight. However, it is worth knowing that the extract obtained from this nettle excellently minimises the concentration of cortisol and other hormones responsible for catabolic processes. This, in turn, has a positive effect on testosterone synthesis.

– Maca root – the indigenous people inhabiting the territory of present-day Peru have been using the healing properties of maca for centuries. This Amazonian root not only increases libido and potency but also enhances testosterone synthesis. No wonder then that it is regarded as a miraculous remedy for all fertility problems in the local strands of folk medicine.

– Boron AAC – boron is a chemical element necessary for our organisms, but it is not discussed much. This is a mistake, as it is responsible for, among other things, bone mineralisation levels. What is more, boron deficiency may have a negative impact on the synthesis of sex hormones

– Grape seed extract – there is a reason why grapes and the wine produced from them have been considered aphrodisiacs for thousands of years. Fortunately, today’s science has shed some more light on this phenomenon. It turned out that grape seeds contain natural substances regulating hormonal balance. In men, regular use of grape seed extract can lower estrogen levels, leading to higher testosterone levels.

– Naringenin – naringenin is another all-natural compound whose very high concentration is found, for example, in grapefruit juice. So far, scientists have collected data confirming the beneficial effect of naringenin on the cardiovascular system. In addition, this is a compound showing the ability to reduce cholesterol levels. This is worth remembering, as too high cholesterol levels may interfere with testosterone synthesis.

– Piperine – black pepper owes its characteristic taste to the content of piperine. It is an active substance also found in other pepper species, but it is black peppercorns that have the most of it. As far as its effects are concerned, piperine speeds up metabolism and, as a result, supports weight loss. However, it is good to know that piperine can also increase the absorption of many nutrients!

– Vitamin E – there is a reason why vitamin E is called the vitamin of youth. It has long been known that a sufficiently high level of it supports the body’s functioning on many levels. One of them is testosterone synthesis. In this process, vitamin E plays a protective role and thus helps maintain appropriate levels of this hormone.

– Zinc – all minerals are essential for our health, but zinc deserves the title of the most masculine micronutrient. This unique element both supports testosterone synthesis and blocks its subsequent breakdown. Therefore, a sufficiently high zinc supply in the diet is crucial for maintaining proper testosterone levels. Now with 3CC capsules, you will be able to take care of it much easier!

– Vitamin D3 – in sunny spring and summer, we usually don’t have to worry about adequate levels of vitamin D3. After all, our body can produce this valuable compound on its own during regular exposure to sunlight. But, unfortunately, this also causes most people to develop vitamin deficiencies once the autumn/winter period is over. This is a big problem, as vitamin D3 is responsible for the correct course of numerous metabolic processes. Fortunately, the company Koka Labz has also taken care of this aspect!


The manufacturer recommends taking one or a maximum of two 3CC tablets per 24 hours.