Ko-kalabz Milk Thistle 100g


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Koka Labz Milk Thistle is a product that consists of powdered milk thistle seeds. They are rich in silymarin, a complex of flavonoids with excellent health-promoting properties.

Thistle is a plant that grows mainly wild in meadows, but it is also sometimes cultivated. Due to its high content of medicinal components, it is used in the production of dietary supplements. Its most important substance is the already mentioned silymarin, which shows strong antioxidant properties. In addition, it has a sialagogic and anti-inflammatory effect and supports the proper functioning of the liver (regenerates its cells). Silymarin is successfully used in case of liver damage resulting from irritation with toxins. It will help people who have been poisoned by alcohol and those who have been in contact with toluene or toxins of the toadstool.

The use of Koka Labz Milk Thistle as a supplement is primarily because it helps to stabilise the cell membrane that builds the liver. This is important for maintaining the physiological cleansing functions of this organ. It also aids digestion, scavenges free radicals, supports heart function and immunity.

It is worth adding that the preparation also has an anti-atherosclerotic effect, as it inhibits the formation of new atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels. Moreover, it influences the lowering of cholesterol and blood sugar levels and interferes with the development of tumours. It can be used to protect the liver and as a support of its reconstruction in the treatment of cirrhosis. It effectively prevents the formation of gallstones.


One serving of the product is 200 mg. It is recommended to take between 200-400 mg daily. Do not exceed 1200 mg!