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In the world of bodybuilding, being big and strong is a common aspiration. Olympus Labs employs the brightest minds in the industry to provide you with the most innovative and effective supplements worth your money. Massacr3 is nothing more than a product designed to build lean mass and develop strength. This is a product that will trigger MASSACR3 every time you enter the gym!

Massacr3 consists of patented formulas such as:

VASO-6 ™ is an innovative ingredient that has been named “Super Epicatechin”. It significantly increases the dilation of blood vessels, stimulates blood flow, and activates muscle hypertrophy.

Urobolines are another innovative ingredient introduced by Olympus Labs. Studies have shown that it can inhibit the catabolism of proteins and at the same time increase protein synthesis. Urolithin B is an unusual compound that helps build dry muscle mass while preventing muscle breakdown.

Vaso-6 and Urobolin confirmed their effectiveness in the cult product before the training Olympus Labs RE1GN.

The last ingredient that is part of the product is PhytoFuse, the patented Laxogeninu form of the highest quality.

Massacr3 contains up to 300mg of Laxogenin per serving which makes it the most powerful product in its category. Laxogenin, or 5a-Spirostan-6-one, a steroid compound considered as a brassinosteroids, structurally similar to Anavar (Oxandrolone). Massacr3 contains the largest amount of active substance per capsule of all these types of products, which makes it the most economical choice.

5α-hydroxy Laxogenin delivered to the human body, has an anabolic-androgenic effect, the ratio of which is comparable to Anavar. Anti-catabolic properties are manifested by lowering the cortisol level. Thus, it supports the synthesis of muscle protein and its subsequent protection against degradation. Probably, mainly due to interference in thyroid activity, it promotes fat loss. In addition, it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

It is recognized that laxogenin is not transformed into sex hormones, including testosterone and estrogens so that it does not affect the radical changes in their quantity and mutual proportion. Thus, it does not lead to the negative effects attributed to their excessive concentration and disturbance of mutual proportions, such as changes in organs, mood swings and libido, or the effects of discontinuation of sex hormones. In addition, it does not induce a typical hepatotoxic effect, attributed to some precursors of steroid hormones.

5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin in a few days dramatically increases the endurance of the body. A significant increase in strength and muscle mass is observed in less than a month. Until recently, the particular taste of this relationship was justified by the lack of methods to detect its use.

Massacr3 is an anabolic-anti-catabolic product. It supports the construction of dry, lean muscle mass, effectively supporting the creation of an attractive silhouette. It is perfect in increasing athletic performance in both strength and endurance disciplines. An additional advantage of the product is the relatively high safety of its use and low incidence of side effects attributed to external sex hormones, or their precursors.


1 capsule twice a day.


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