Brawn Nutrition Mecha (Mechabol) 90 caps


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Mecha (Mechabol) 90 caps

All men today dream of a fit, athletic figure. They take care of themselves, go to gyms and follow suitable diets. They want immediate effects quickly and are looking for something that supports and accelerates building muscle tissue.

Mechabol is one of the strongest prohormones available. Both beginners and advanced athletes can use it. It is a supplement that builds muscles and increases their strength without any side effects. It is also very safe! It has an anabolic and androgenic effect. Muscle proteins are stimulated to synthesize and break down fat tissue. The excretion of potassium, sodium, phosphorus, and calcium from the body is reduced. The product also does not cause water retention in the body. There is an increase in testosterone, which is associated with more excellent body performance and an increase in libido.
Mechabol consists of a methylated form of Clostebol, which is 4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-4-en-17B-ol-3-one. It is a derivative of testosterone, which is classified as an anabolic-androgenic steroid.

4-chloro-17a-methyl-androst-4-en-17B-ol-3-one is an anabolic-androgenic steroid, a derivative of testosterone. Thanks to the properties mentioned above, it allows you to gain a compact and concrete musculature.


This product should be taken for two to six weeks. For professional athletes, the dosage can be extended to eight weeks. No more than two to three tablets should be taken per day. It is also a good idea to take liver protection medication while taking Mechabol. The first effects can be seen after only two weeks, so it works well, even for short cycles.