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P.S.P. stands for Physique Stimulating Pre-Workout. This term alone best describes the nature of the new product from Metabolic Nutrition’s range. It is a pre-workout with a broad effect, which not only stimulates muscles to work harder but also stimulates the nervous system. As a result, it can positively affect training effectiveness and improve athletic performance.

What benefits can a Metabolic Nutrition P.S.P. pre-workout provide? Its manufacturer highlights several points. First, in addition to stimulating muscles and the nervous system, P.S.P. can also improve vascularization and promote the efficiency of blood flow to tissues. Both effects will significantly benefit those involved in strength or bodybuilding sports.

However, to discuss the properties of P.S.P. pre-workout in detail, it is necessary to know its composition first. This one, in turn, is based on four different complexes. Here are their contents:

1. B-Vitamins & Electrolytes:

B-vitamin complex (B3, B6, and B12): B-vitamins are crucial for the proper functioning of our body. Their deficiency can cause metabolic problems and result in feelings of chronic fatigue.

Electrolyte complex (magnesium, potassium, sodium): Most people can only supplement their daily diet with electrolytes. However, for athletes, supplementation becomes an absolute foundation. Electrolytes are excreted from the body with sweat, which means intense exercise can promote deficiencies. These, in turn, can cause cramps and negatively affect muscle function.

– Calcium – although calcium is not counted among electrolytes, it has an essential function as a bone builder. Thus, this mineral should not be missing from any man’s diet.

2. Pump & Endurance Matrix:

– Citrulline malate – the mechanism of action of citrulline is twofold because, on the one hand, it increases the intensity of the muscle pump. On the other hand, it improves muscle endurance. Thus, supplementation of this compound can bring significant benefits to athletes.

– Glycerol powder – in athletes’ bodies, glycerol can increase water retention while preventing dehydration. In addition, some research claims that increased water in tissues can further improve training performance.

– Creatine monohydrate – everything has probably been written about creatine monohydrate. It is the best researched dietary supplement for increasing muscle strength and improving their ability to meet increasing training loads.

– Beta-alanine – an equally large number of scientific studies have confirmed the positive effect of beta-alanine on the performance of aerobic athletes. Therefore, this amino acid can help those exposed to prolonged training loads.

– Betaine anhydrous – the best-known property of betaine is that this compound reduces cysteine levels in the blood. However, betaine can also support the work of the circulatory system and thus indirectly help athletic performance.

– Taurine – taurine, on the other hand, is an amino acid with broad effects. In addition to influencing metabolic processes, taurine can also support heart function.

Augments taking Augme nts can increase the synthesis of nitric oxide, positively affecting the intensity of the muscle pump felt.

3 Mental Energy Matrix:

– Choline dicarboxylate – taking choline carboxylate can improve brain function and increase acetylcholine levels in the nervous system. Higher levels of this hormone have been linked to improved cognitive function.

– Citicoline (CDP-Choline) – this form of choline may, in turn, improve mood, support cognitive abilities and protect neurons from damage.

– Huperzine A – huperzine has a stimulating effect on our nervous system. In turn, this means that its intake can increase perceived energy levels.

4 Absorption Matrix:

– Cluster dextrin – this unique type of dextrin works perfectly as one of the sources of carbohydrates. In addition, the above-average solubility of this compound can positively affect the absorption of other nutrients.

– Black pepper extract – piperine contained in black pepper is the most well-known active substance, which can increase the assimilability of other active compounds. Therefore, piperine cannot be missing from any comprehensive dietary supplement.


Initially, use only one scoop (6 g) of the product, mix it with water and drink it 30 minutes before training. Only with a visible increase in the body’s tolerance can the serving be increased to 2-3 measures (12-18 g).

Store the product in the refrigerator after opening it!