Neuro Amps Alpha GPC Maxx 60caps


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Many people today complain of problems related to lack of concentration and chronic fatigue. Sometimes their cause is various undiagnosed health issues. However, in most cases, it is simply the result of an inappropriate lifestyle. Therefore, with long-term problems of this type, it is worth thinking carefully about changing your daily life. In addition to this, consider incorporating specific supplementation.

In this regard, an interesting suggestion will be the Alpha-GPC Maxx preparation from Neuro Amps. These are capsules advertised as a nootropic preparation, i.e. intended to support mental abilities. What is the reason for this?

The described supplement is a mono-ingredient preparation with only one active ingredient. It is Alpha-GPC or choline alphoscerate. Indeed many people know that choline is a compound sometimes referred to as vitamin B4. This is due to its great importance for the excellent work of our body, especially the nervous system. Why is it so important?

Because choline in our bodies is converted to acetylcholine. This compound, in turn, is a crucial neurotransmitter. This means that it is responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses, which determines numerous functions of our nervous system. Acetylcholine levels are linked primarily to the following:

– the ability to remember new information;
– The ease of maintaining concentration;
– lightness of thinking.

Supplementation with choline alphoscerate has a positive effect on all the issues described. In addition, studies have confirmed that taking this compound increases the concentration of acetylcholine in the nervous system. As a result, the researchers observed clear benefits in those using the mix regarding the effects described above. Most notable were improvements in memory and the ability to easily maintain total concentration.

Interestingly, some studies also suggest that Alpha-GPC contributes to better sports performance! This could be due to two things. First, exercise increases the activity of brain receptors that are affected by acetylcholine. Second, choline has a significant effect on the synthesis of growth hormones. This, in turn, is an ally of all athletes.


One capsule of Alpha-GPC Maxx contains 500 milligrams of choline alphoscerate. This is quite a high dose, so that one can take a maximum of 1 or 2 capsules daily. If one takes two capsules, they should be broken into two servings and consumed with two different meals.