Nutra Innovations Deity Pre Workout 25 servings


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If you have been using pre-workout supplements for a long time, there is a risk that your body will start to get used to the stimulants provided. As a result, their effect will weaken, and you will no longer feel the stimulation. So, if you’re looking for a more robust alternative, look at the Deity pre-workout from Nutra Innovations. Its high potency will provide a solid energy boost and a better mood.

Here are the key ingredients of this pre-workout:

– Beta-alanine – as your training stint progresses, you will need to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to maintain your progress rate. However, this inevitably also means extending your activities and increasing their difficulty. So, for your body to keep up with these changes, you should take beta-alanine. This is because it is the most effective and best-researched supplement with an effect on increasing endurance and performance.

– Betaine anhydrous – one of the main benefits of betaine is its ability to lower levels of unfavourable homocysteine. In addition, betaine is involved in many processes related to the transport of nutrients. It is safe to say that it is an essential compound for properly functioning the circulatory system.

– L-tyrosine – tyrosine supplementation can provide several very beneficial effects. This is because this compound synthesizes certain neurotransmitters (e.g., adrenaline) and can, therefore, be responsible for, among other things, the perceived energy level. In addition, tyrosine reduces the adverse effects of stress and external factors to promote optimal post-workout recovery.

– Anhydrous caffeine – if regular caffeine no longer works on you, you should try the anhydrous form of this compound. Anhydrous caffeine works more effectively, longer and more intensively than its basic version. As a result, it can provide better results in terms of stimulation and even at relatively high levels of tolerance in the body.

– N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate – this active ingredient is found in the leaves of a plant known as Eria Jarensis. It is a compound with solid stimulant properties, although some researchers suggest it may also simply support brain and nervous system function.

– 2-aminoisoheptane (DMHA) – one of the greatest strengths of Deity’s pre-workout is its very high content of DMHA, a known compound with very high stimulant potential. It’s been some time since DMHA became a natural replacement for DMAA, which has been heavily restricted. Therefore, it remains an essential option for those seeking the most robust possible stimulant effect.

– Isps (Deternol) – another compound with a strong stimulant effect. Deternol can add energy on the one hand and stimulate the entire cardiovascular system.

– Caffeine malate – the anhydrous form of caffeine is not the only form of this compound that appears in Deita’s formulation. Indeed, the second is caffeine malate. Its main advantage is the increased duration of action, which prolongs the achieved stimulation effect.

– Caffeine citrate – caffeine’s third and final form is its citrate. He, too, has its unique feature, which is instant assimilation. The body can assimilate caffeine citrate much faster than other compound forms. But just as interestingly, the addition of citrate speeds up the absorption of these different forms of caffeine as well! It goes without saying why the synergy of the three forms described is so beneficial.

– Rauwolfia Vomitoria root extract – this plant has gained considerable popularity as an excellent source of Aphrodyne. This is an active substance with many effects on the human body. Indeed, most people pay attention mainly to its typically stimulating properties. However, it is worth adding that alpha-ohimbine can also help burn calories and increase libido.

– Aphrodyne HCL – the last ingredient is another form of Aphrodyne; more specifically, it is its hydrochloride. It has very similar properties to Aphrodyne, but compared to the extract described above, it is a substance with a higher level of bioavailability. This, in turn, can further maximize the benefits of supplementation.


The manufacturer’s recommended dosage is the equivalent of 1 scoop of the formula or about 11 g. The supplement should be mixed with water and drunk 20-30 minutes before training.