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Increasing body weight by gaining a few more pounds is no mean feat. However, it is much more challenging to build so-called lean body mass. In this case, the athlete must already have a proper training plan and a strict diet. In addition, selected supplementation will be beneficial in this process.

One element of such supplementation can be using Mass Construction capsules from Nutra Innovations. This advanced formula was created using several carefully selected active ingredients. This makes it perfect for building muscle mass. High and, at the same time, natural anabolic potential makes this product meet the expectations of even the most demanding people.

What can active substances be found in the composition of this product? Here is their list:

– Ajuga turkestanica plant extract (standardized to contain at least 10% turkesterone) – finding a plant-based and natural alternative to anabolic steroids seemed impossible. However, today that is precisely what turkesterone is referred to as. It is a plant steroid, a compound responsible for plant growth and development. Nevertheless, turkesterone acts on specific receptors, activating anabolic processes even in humans. Moreover, as a natural plant compound, turkesterone has a good safety profile. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for people who want to increase their body weight safely.

– Fadogia agrestis extract – a slightly different effect on the human body is found in the Nigerian plant now known as Fadogia agrestis. Studies have shown that it contains some active compounds that can raise testosterone concentration in the body. This, in turn, produces several anabolic effects, as testosterone has excellent potential in this regard. Thus, the described extract becomes another natural alternative for increasing body weight.

– Ecdysterone (20-hydroxy ecdysterone 90%) – as far as ecdysterone is concerned, it is an ecdysteroid hormone found, for example, in the bodies of arthropods. However, once again, studies have shown that this compound can also affect human organisms. In what way? The study found that it can enhance anabolism, which affects faster muscle gains. In addition, the use of ecdysterone can also have a very positive effect on the training results obtained. Therefore, ecdysterone will perfectly complement the impact of turkesterone. The synergy of these two compounds can guarantee even more effective action and impressive results.

– Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia) – longjack is a small plant found mainly in Asia. However, it has been well-known to researchers for years. This is, of course, due to its properties. Longjack was used for many decades by indigenous people of the area as a remedy for potency problems. Such treatment was not only

– Bioperine™ (black pepper fruit extract) – the last ingredient in the supplement is the patented Bioperine™. It contains an exceptionally high amount of Piperine, the active ingredient found in black pepper. In turn, Piperine has a unique ability to increase the absorption of other active substances. As a result, piperine-containing supplements can exhibit higher efficacy. For this reason, the addition of Bioperine™ is a truly valuable enhancement to the composition of any supplement.


The manufacturer recommends using four capsules of Mass Construction daily. Such a dose should be divided into two capsules taken twice daily with meals. Notably, the high anabolic potential means the preparation should be used for up to four weeks. After this time, the practice should be discontinued for at least four weeks, and supplementation can be continued after this break.