Nutra Innovations Natty Bol 120 Capsules

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Nutra Innovations, as the name suggests, focuses primarily on innovative solutions. So naturally, this applies to the supplements’ composition and mechanism of action. An excellent example of this is the unique NattyBol™ capsules. Their most important purpose is to support muscle mass development broadly. However, despite this, they do not contain any synthetic ingredients. How is this possible?

Instead of synthetic ingredients in the composition of NattyBol™ capsules, you can find all-natural compounds with high anabolic potential. Therefore, this will be a good alternative for people who like to bet precisely on natural solutions. So what exactly can be found in the composition of these capsules? Here is the list of ingredients:

– Arachidonic acid belongs to a broad group of acids known as omega-6. These acids occur naturally in peanuts, for example. Notably, omega-6 acids are often portrayed as an inferior and less valuable option to omega-3 acids. However, knowing that they also function in human bodies is essential. For example, arachidonic acid, among other things, contributes to muscle growth. This is because during and after exercise, it is converted to a specific prostaglandin. This form promotes muscle protein synthesis, which can induce more impressive gains. For this reason, arachidonic acid supplementation has the potential to be a beneficial solution for athletes.

– Ashwagandha KSM-66™ (extract standardized to at least 5% withanolides) – ashwagandha can safely be counted among the real hits of recent years in dietary supplements. However, this is hardly surprising. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that ashwagandha can have a beneficial effect on our bodies. One of its most important effects is its ability to calm the body and reduce its susceptibility to stress. This is very important for athletes since cortisol, the stress hormone, hurts muscle development. Therefore, inhibiting its activity by quieting the body will positively affect the processes involved in bodybuilding. What’s more, KSM-66™ is a patented type of ashwagandha extract characterized by a high content of withanolides. The withanolides are responsible for the essential benefits of ashwagandha supplementation. Therefore, choosing a formula containing KSM-66™ will indeed be optimal.

-Ajuga Turkestanica extract (standardized to a minimum of 10% turkesterone) – plant steroid hormones have been advertised as a natural alternative to anabolic steroids. These are strong words, but they make some sense. After all, studies have shown that such hormones can stimulate anabolic processes in human bodies. This is precisely how turkesterone, a hormone found in a plant known as Ajuga Turkestanica, works. Therefore, the primary benefit of its supplementation is to increase muscle mass by boosting anabolic processes in the body. This, in turn, may also contribute to an increase in strength and the resulting improvement in training performance. In addition, there are also hypotheses that turmerone may further enhance the adaptogenic properties of, for example, ashwagandha described above.

– BioPerine™ (black pepper extract) – a patented formulation of BioPerine™ is a type of black pepper extract characterized by an exceptionally high piperine content. This is an active substance responsible, among other things, for the level of assimilation of numerous active compounds. Therefore, piperine in dietary supplements can assimilate different components of such preparations more in the body. For this reason, BioPerine™ is an essential addition to NattyBol™ capsules.


The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules of NattyBol™ daily. This product should be used in cycles of about four weeks. After they expire, you should take at least an equally long break before the following process.