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Looking impeccable, having a beautiful figure and feeling good about yourself are the goals of many of us today. It is therefore not surprising to see an emphasis on the effectiveness of training. One of the factors that can ensure this is, of course, the proper supplementation. The Alpha build formula from Olympus Labs is worth mentioning here, as it should support anabolic processes on the one hand and boost thermogenesis on the other. It is an excellent booster of protein synthesis and anabolic signalling, with which you will probably feel the difference!

The secret of Alphabuild’s action is hidden in its formula, which consists of the following:

Chromium picolinate – a more durable and better-absorbed form of chromium- is an essential mineral for the human body. Thanks to the presence of a particular protein (chromodomain), it enhances insulin receptor signalling, thus regulating blood levels. It is involved in metabolism and helps lower sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol. The ingredient is beneficial in maintaining a healthy body weight.

α-Ionone – one of the representatives of the rose ketone family. It is a potent stimulator of myogenesis – the process of formation and differentiation of muscle cells. The ingredient counteracts skeletal muscle atrophy, supports building lean muscle tissue, and increases cAMP (adenylate cyclase) levels. α-Ionone accumulates perfectly in various body tissues, including the liver and skeletal muscle. Recent studies have also shown that the ingredient exerts a strong agonistic effect within the membrane of bile acid receptors, known as TGR-5. In practice, this means that supplementation has a beneficial impact on, among other things, lipid metabolism and energy expenditure.

(-)-Epicatechin PhytoFUSE ™ – a flavanol found, for example, in Chinese camellia leaves or cocoa seeds. It exhibits multifaceted effects on the human body, including acting as a myostatin inhibitor. This is extremely important, as myostatin inhibits the growth and differentiation of protein cells. The ingredient, therefore, promotes the building of lean muscle mass. In addition, it supports proper adaptation to exercise, promotes skeletal muscle formation and enhances mitochondrial biogenesis, which translates directly into greater performance.

(+)-Epicatechin – organic compound, a flavonol found in, e.g. Chinese camellia leaves, cocoa and green tea. It powerfully increases mitochondrial biogenesis, which helps, among other things, reduce fatigue and delay the ageing process. In addition, the ingredient accelerates fat burning, supports regeneration after intensive training, stimulates ATP production and lowers triglyceride levels. (+)-Epicatechin promotes a healthy lipid profile and cardiovascular function. By stimulating capillary formation and nitric oxide release, it has a positive effect on memory.

Sunflower lecithin – a multi-component compound in which we find phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylinositol, phosphatidylserine and phosphatidic acid. The substance is extracted from sunflower seeds. It acts as an excellent emulsifier and carrier. Most important, however, is its invaluable support for our brain and the entire nervous system. For example, this manifests in enhanced concentration and memory and better coping with mental tension. Lecithin is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids. It helps with general exhaustion and fat metabolism disorders.

Avocado extract – a species of evergreen tree in the laurel family. The section contains monounsaturated fatty acids, plant sterols, vitamins (C, A, E, K and B), and minerals. It exhibits an excellent ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids. This nutritious fruit regulates postprandial glycaemia, helps reduce insulin resistance and prevents blood glucose fluctuations. The ingredient also promotes lowering cholesterol, which is beneficial for properly functioning the cardiovascular and liver. It is worth adding that it contains abscisic acid, which stimulates muscle glucose uptake and improves muscle glycogen content.


How should Olympus Labs AlphaBuild be supplemented? Take it once a day, approximately 30 to 45 minutes before training. Pour two product scoops into the bottle (a measuring cup is included). For non-workout days, take it before breakfast on an empty stomach. It is essential to stay within one serving per 24 hours.