Performax Labs VasoMax 3D 270g


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Do you love the feeling of a strong muscle pump? Is vascularisation one of the main priorities for you? If you answered yes to at least one of these questions, the VasoMax 3D pre-trainer is the perfect product!

VasoMax 3D is a new product that has only recently entered the Performax Labs range. This pre-trainer is designed for those who want a powerful muscle pump and visible vascularization. VasoMax 3D nutrient has been developed based on proven ingredients to achieve this effect. It contains:

– 3D Pump Breakthrough™ – The entire Performax Labs 3D nutrient series contains a new blend labelled 3D Pump Breakthrough™. This unique blend was created by combining: L-Citrulline, Glycerol and Indian Gooseberry Extract. This proprietary blend can provide you with effects that you won’t experience with other supplements. That’s why it is worth trying!

– Taurine – One of the essential biogenic amino acids for humans is taurine. It participates in the metabolism of fat tissue, thanks to which it accelerates its burning. Taurine also inhibits muscle catabolism and protects against the effects of oxidative stress. This, in turn, promotes efficient regeneration of the body.

– Nitrosigine™ – the ingredient referred to as Nitrosigine™ is based on an entirely new type of arginine. Its innovative formula makes the muscle pump even stronger. What’s more, Nitrosigine™ works very quickly because the first effects are felt in just 15 minutes. This makes it an ideal product to take immediately before a workout.

– VASO6™ – another exciting ingredient is the VASO6™ blend. It is based on several compounds derived directly from green tea. VASO6™ has a strong effect on nitric oxide synthesis and increases its intensity. This causes the body to produce more of this beneficial compound. A higher concentration of nitric oxide will benefit your muscle pump…

– Pink Himalayan sea salt – the distinctive pink colour is a hallmark of salt mined in the Himalayan region. Such salt is rich in minerals and, at the same time, allows you to replenish sodium levels in your body. This is important because sodium belongs to the group of so-called electrolytes, which are critical compounds for every athlete.

– L-glutathione – In the human body, glutathione is primarily responsible for the efficient functioning of the immune system. However, it is also a potent antioxidant, which means that intensive exercise may reduce its level in the body. For this reason, all athletes should take care to supplement their daily supply of glutathione.

– S7™ – The patented S7™ blend has been created by combining extracts obtained from such sources as green coffee beans, turmeric, cherry and green tea. This blend is highly nutritious and also stimulates nitric oxide synthesis. It is, therefore, the perfect combination for athletes!

– AstraGin™ – what is the key to effective supplementation? One of these aspects is undoubtedly the high bioavailability of the ingested substances. AstraGin™ is designed to increase such absorption. In addition, combining the power of ginseng and astragalus will make your supplementation even more effective!


Mix 1-2 brands of the formula (2.7-5.4 g) with water and drink 20 minutes before training.