Project X – Ecdysterone 250 mg 60caps


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The modern fashion for using natural solutions is no coincidence. Indeed, there is ample evidence that natural supplements and preparations can benefit our bodies. What is clear, everyone is undoubtedly familiar with the beneficial properties of certain herbs and plants. However, probably even the biggest supporters of natural solutions do not expect that among such compounds can also be found…. a natural alternative to steroids!

Such a name perfectly reflects the nature of the so-called steroids. This broad group of compounds is responsible for stimulating growth in plants and other organisms. For this reason, they can be attributed to natural yet powerful anabolic properties. As for their effects on the human body, Ecdysterone is an absorbing compound. Among other things, it can be found in Project X Ecdysterone capsules. So what is worth knowing about it?

First, Ecdysterone belongs to the group of compounds known as ecdysteroid hormones. It occurs naturally in the bodies of crabs and other arthropods, as well as some plants, among others. Studies have confirmed that it has a very significant effect on the development of such organisms. For this reason, scientists decided to test its properties on humans. The results of this research yielded some fascinating conclusions.

First, the researchers found that supplementing this compound could provide benefits similar to anabolic steroids. This is because Ecdysterone caused substantial muscle mass gains and, at the same time, supported the achievement of better training results. There is also a theory claiming a relationship between the use of this compound and faster fat burning.

Ecdysterone’s exact mode of action on the human body has not yet been clarified. However, researchers believe this compound very clearly increases the efficiency of protein synthesis. It is for this reason that it helps expand existing muscle mass!

The Project X company declares that Ecdysterone capsules can provide four significant benefits. These concern:

– increasing overall strength levels;

– intensification of the muscle mass expansion process;

– improving athletic performance;

– increasing the efficiency of protein synthesis.

Importantly, comparing this natural compound to anabolic steroids is not entirely valid. Why? Because Ecdysterone, when properly supplemented, should not cause any side effects. It is a natural compound, so it does not affect the process of testosterone synthesis. For this reason, it can be an excellent alternative for those looking for a proven and safe agent!


One capsule of Project X Ecdysterone contains 250 mg of the active substance. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily, so the daily dose is equivalent to 500 mg of the compound. The capsules should be taken separately at different times of the day and sipped with plenty of water to facilitate dissolution.