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In recent years, researchers have begun to take a strong interest in the properties of specific sterols, compounds that occur naturally in the bodies of some plants and insects. The reason for this interest was theories proclaiming that these compounds may also positively affect Ahuman organisms. Indeed, studies conducted have confirmed some of the hypotheses. For this reason, scientists have focused, among other things, on a compound known today as beta ecdysterone.

Researchers point out that this is a compound belonging to the group of so-called ecdysteroids. It occurs naturally in plants (such as spinach) and insects (mainly arthropods). However, those outside the scientific world are much more interested in the effects of this compound on human organisms. This one, in turn, is exciting.

After all, studies conducted by scientists have shown that beta ecdysterone can affect, among other things, the lowering of blood glucose levels. In addition, some studies suggest a similar correlation in the case of lipid levels. Thus, beta ecdysterone has some potential to improve blood parameters.

However, other reports are much more relevant for active people and athletes. Well, beta ecdysterone is, first and foremost, a compound with steroid properties, which means it affects the development of plants and insects. Therefore, it was a logical assumption to test whether it could affect anabolic processes in human bodies. So far, the researchers have found that, indeed, beta ecdysterone, under certain conditions, can favourably affect protein synthesis processes. These processes, in turn, have a direct impact on anabolism in the broadest sense, as well as on the body’s regeneration.

Therefore, it is not excluded that beta ecdysterone may have a beneficial effect in terms of muscle expansion. Added to this is the potential above for a stabilizing effect on blood glucose and lipid levels. All these aspects make some people want to test this compound’s impact. Beta Ecdysterone capsules from the well-known Pure Labs company provide such an opportunity.

A distinctive feature of all Pure Labs products is that they contain only one active substance with high purity. Therefore, they are an ideal alternative for people who prefer to avoid multi-ingredient stacks and who prefer to test the effects of specific compounds. You can find 300 mg of the active substance in each Beta Ecdysterone capsule from Pure Labs. Such a dose will allow you to test the described compound’s effects thoroughly.


The manufacturer recommends using only one capsule of Beta Ecdysterone daily to maintain safety during supplementation. The capsule should be sipped with plenty of water to facilitate its dissolution.