Pure Labs Turkesterone 60 caps


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Supplements from the Pure Labs brand range stand out from competing products. Pure Labs relies mainly on formulations containing only one active substance. Of course, such a rule has both its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, it must be admitted that the Pure Labs brand provides the opportunity to test individual active substances’ qualities thoroughly. One of them is turkesterone, the main ingredient of Pure Labs Turkesterone capsules.

What are its most essential properties? First of all, it should be noted that turkesterone is an all-natural steroid, that is, a compound responsible for plant growth. Thus, it has a high anabolic potential, confirmed in numerous studies. However, the results of those studies that dealt with how this compound affects human bodies were even more enjoyable.

This is because scientists confirmed that turkesterone could bind to estrogen receptors. As a result, it can inhibit the action of these hormones, which in turn will significantly increase the body’s anabolism. Such an assumption also led to the hypothesis of a positive effect of the described compound on testosterone synthesis!

So there is no doubt that turkesterone is an exciting compound for athletes. But unfortunately, its action, in some respects, can mimic that of anabolic steroids. On the other hand, after all, turkesterone is an all-natural substance. Therefore, taking it as a supplement will not generate side effects. Suffice it to say that currently, there are no recommendations for using PCT after taking this compound.

Increased testosterone levels and improved anabolism are the most important benefits of taking the described compound. However, turkesterone may also have other benefits. For example, it is worth mentioning that numerous plant steroids are included in the group of adaptogens. Such substances help the body fight stress and facilitate adaptation to so-called environmental conditions.

In addition, an increase in anabolism often goes hand in hand with better post-workout recovery. Such an effect will be significant for those who perform prolonged or intensive workouts.

All this makes turkesterone worth recommending as a natural alternative to many synthetic anabolic compounds. In addition, the nature of Pure Labs Turkesterone capsules will allow you to test this compound’s properties thoroughly.


The manufacturer recommends taking either 1 or 2 capsules daily. Taking the capsules with meals is advisable, as this may increase their absorption. For the same reason, Pure Labs Turkesterone capsules must be sipped with plenty of water.