Pure Phenylethylamine 250mg 90 caps


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One of the fastest-growing branches of dietary supplements is the market for nootropic preparations. Compounds in this category are supposed to support brain and nervous system function and enhance cognitive abilities. One substance of this type is phenylethylamine or PEA. It is the only active ingredient in the capsules from Pure. Each capsule contains as much as 250 milligrams of this substance. So what is its action based on?

Let’s start with the fact that phenylethylamine occurs naturally in our nervous system. Therefore, it is mainly responsible for producing stimuli to synthesise certain neurotransmitters. In other words, PEA gives the body a “signal” to start producing specific hormones. For this reason, researchers have concluded that PEA can increase the synthesis of hormones such as dopamine, endorphins and acetylcholine.

Increased synthesis of endorphins and dopamine positively affects perceived mood and motivation to act. In turn, acetylcholine is crucial in so-called cognitive abilities (e.g. concentration, memory). Thus, scientists have concluded that phenylethylamine supplementation can benefit all the abovementioned aspects.

Another point is also worth mentioning. Some researchers consider PEA to be a compound that can affect faster metabolism. The exact mechanism behind such a correlation has yet to be fully discovered. However, such a thesis means that PEA may be an even better option for people during weight reduction. This is because an accelerated metabolism allows for faster calorie burning and, consequently, a reduction of stored body fat. For this reason, athletes should take an interest in its properties.

Admittedly, phenylethylamine is found in many different preparations available on the market. However, as a rule, it can be found in multi-ingredient supplements. This has made it difficult for those interested in its effects to find a supplement containing pure phenylethylamine. Fortunately, the Pure company provides such an option. The capsules presented above contain 250 mg of pure PEA. In addition to this, the tablets contain only excipients. It is an ideal supplement for those interested in phenylethylamine’s properties but who want to avoid taking it along with other compounds.


Pure Phenylethylamine capsules represent the active substance’s highest quality and 100% purity. For this reason, they stand out from many competing products and, as such, deserve attention.