SNS TTA-500 – 90 Veg Caps (Stim Free)


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For many exercisers, losing weight is more complex and time-consuming than gaining weight. However, this is hardly surprising. The body tolerates a slight caloric surplus much better than a significant caloric deficit. That’s why some people are looking for supplements that could help them fight against unnecessary pounds. Of course, numerous nutritional supplements with additional stimulants can be found on the market. However, only some people want to take stimulant compounds additionally. Therefore, against the background of the described preparations, SNS-TTA 500 capsules will be an exciting proposition. What is their action?

Their composition is based on a combination of two preparations. The first is the patented agent TTA Burn™. TTA, in this case, stands for – Tetradecyl Thioacetic Acid. This is one of the acids included in the broad group of Omega-3 fatty acids, and this fact alone can attest to its positive effects on health. In addition, however, this compound has fundamental properties for people who aim to lose weight.

This is because TTA affects fat metabolism in the body. This is primarily because the compound is an agonist of PPAR receptors. Thus, it can activate them to work more intensively. This is extremely important since PPAR receptors show expression in, among other things, so-called brown adipose tissue, the only desirable fat tissue in our bodies. Moreover, PPAR receptors regulate lipid metabolism so that they can have a beneficial effect on fat burning.

In addition, the described acid can impede the transport of fat to organs or muscles. The defined activation of PPAR receptors will make the body more willing to use such fat as an energy source. This, in turn, can cause several beneficial effects, such as:

– faster metabolism;
– improved metabolism;
– accelerated burning of white adipose tissue;
– lowering the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Meanwhile, the second ingredient in SNS TTA-500 capsules is a unique blend called TTA-500 Electrolyte Support Complex. As the name suggests, it contains a complex of electrolytes crucial for training people. During weight loss, many people rightly increase the intensity of their aerobic workouts. During such activity, however, there is an increase in the excretion of electrolytes, which are removed from the body with sweat. Unfortunately, their deficiency can have a very negative impact on muscle function and mood.
On the other hand, extreme deficiency is even a threat to health or life. This is because it is worth remembering that electrolytes affect, among other things, the work of the heart. Therefore, taking care of their adequately high levels is extremely important.

A unique feature of the TTA-500 ESC complex is its complex nature. First, it contains the three essential electrolytes: magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. Surely all athletes know that different forms of these compounds can appear in supplements. This is because they have an extra level of assimilability and may differ slightly in their action properties. Thus, the SNS company bet on a very thoughtful solution.

In the mentioned blend, there are various forms of the described compounds. Their complete list is as follows:

– Potassium – potassium aspartate, potassium chelate and potassium glycerophosphate;
– Magnesium – magnesium aspartate, magnesium chelate and magnesium chloride;
– Sodium – sodium chloride and sodium glycerophosphate;
– Calcium – calcium phosphate and calcium glycerophosphate.

Two hundred twenty-five milligrams of the complex of described electrolytes can be found in each capsule. Considering the different electrolyte forms, such a dose will allow you to replenish any severe deficiencies effectively.

Thus, it is a natural fat burner with no additional compounds with stimulating effects. As a result, SNS TTA-500 capsules provide truly effective support for the body during weight reduction and increased training loads.


The high action potential of TTA-500 capsules makes SNS recommend using only one capsule daily. To increase its bioavailability, the capsule should be taken with a meal and sipped with plenty of water.