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If you regularly perform strength training, you are undoubtedly familiar with the feeling of a muscle pump. It occurs when your muscles have to perform intense work with heavy loads. Several critical reactions take place in the body at that time. One of them is vasodilation, thanks to which more blood starts to reach the muscle fibers. This makes the muscles more prominent and more visible at the same time.

Now you can make your muscle pump even stronger. All thanks to Alpha Lion Superhuman Pump pre-trainer. This unique product will increase the intensity of your muscle pump and give you energy at the same time! Superhuman Pump pre-workout contains:

– Sodium (extracted from pink Himalayan salt) – the popularity of Himalayan salt is not just due to its distinctive pink color. Of much greater importance is the fact that it is an excellent source of sodium. This element is absolutely crucial for all active people. Thus the use of Superhuman Pump pre-trainer will allow you to easily supplement possible sodium deficiencies.

– Potassium citrate – Sodium, potassium, and magnesium are the most essential electrolytes without which our bodies would not function properly. Unfortunately, they are all excreted with sweat, which means that intense and regular exercise can promote deficiencies. Fortunately, Alpha Lion has added an extra dose of electrolytes to its products. In addition, potassium citrate has a very high bioavailability, which further increases the benefits of supplementation.

– Magnesium citrate – also in magnesium, the manufacturer relies on a combination of this element with citric acid. When it comes to magnesium’s effect on the body, it is essential for proper muscle function. Suffice it to say that it is the right level of magnesium that prevents fasciculation and sudden muscle cramps. That’s why athletes should constantly supplement this element.

– Niacin – vitamin PP or B3 is another essential compound for all active people. Thanks to niacin, our nervous system works much more efficiently. Interestingly, vitamin PP directly affects the areas of the brain responsible for feeling pleasure and satisfaction. This, in turn, means that this compound can help us maintain high motivation and self-confidence.

– Citrulline malate – there’s no doubt that citrulline is the compound most associated with the feeling of a muscle pump. Nothing is surprising about that. After all, citrulline is responsible for synthesizing arginine and nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and thus increases the feeling of the Pump. That’s why the use of citrulline right before a workout can significantly increase the intensity of such surfaces. It’s important to note that Superhuman Pump contains a very high dose of citrulline. Therefore it should not be taken additionally from other sources!

– Beta-alanine – the vast number of studies confirming the positive effects of beta-alanine means that this compound is often referred to as the best-researched supplement. This means that practically all athletes can use it. Beta-alanine increases muscle strength and endurance. Thanks to this, you will be able to train longer and with greater intensity!

– HydroPrime™ – glycerol is one of the most straightforward substances belonging to the group of alcohols. Despite its simple structure, this compound effectively prevents excessive water loss from the body during exercise. This, in turn, causes the loss of electrolytes and minerals during training to be significantly lower, which positively affects the overall endurance of the body. HydroPrime™ is a patented formula containing at least 65% pure glycerol.

– Organic sea urchin extract (Lion’s Mane) – sea urchin mushroom has rapidly gained enormous popularity. It turned out that a lot of beneficial substances can be found in this mushroom. Some of them have a positive effect on brain function and improve our cognitive abilities. For this reason, soprano mushroom has been included in the group of nootropics, which are substances that support broadly understood mental functions.

– AlphaSize™ – Alpha-GPC, or cholahate, is one of the most important neurotransmitters. Scientists have shown that higher concentrations of this compound are correlated with better memory and increased motivation to act. No wonder Alpha-GPC has become one of the most popular substances in the nootropic category. AlphaSize™ contains up to 50% pure choline alphoscerate.

– S7™ (plant extract blend) – Fruits, vegetables, and plant products are the basis for a complete and balanced diet. That’s why Alpha Lion decided to enrich Pump with a unique S7™ blend. This is a blend of extracts from plant products with exceptionally high nutritional value. Thanks to this, Superhuman Pump will have a positive effect not only on you

– Huperzine A – experts in traditional Chinese medicine have been using a plant called Huperzia Serrata for centuries. Research has shown that its leaves contain a particular active substance called huperzine A. It is supposed to positively influence the functioning of our brain, which translates into improved cognitive abilities. Moreover, huperzine has a calming effect and supports proper sleep. All this will make it easier for you to get energy for your next workout!

– AstraGin™ – even the best researched dietary supplements won’t provide the benefits if our body doesn’t assimilate them. That’s why Pump contains a unique formulation of AstraGin™. It is a combination of extracts from false ginseng and astragalus. Both of these plants contain substances that increase the absorption of nutrients!


Depending on individual needs, the manufacturer recommends taking 1 or 2 teaspoons of the formula daily. One teaspoon (included in the package) is equivalent to about 8.5 grams of the preparation. This portion should be taken approximately 20-30 minutes before training. Mix the powder thoroughly with plenty of water and drink it immediately afterward.