Psycho Pharma Thunder Struck (120 Capsules)


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Psycho Pharma ThunderStruck

Imagine waking up every morning feeling tired and lacking energy. Sometimes, you try hard to find the motivation and desire to act. However, subconsciously, you know such attempts have not been successful for a long time. What is worse, such a feeling also influences the decrease of libido. Thus, the bedroom increasingly becomes a place only for sleeping. Sometimes, you even feel like your muscles are constantly getting weaker and smaller as time goes by…

It doesn’t sound too good. However, this is what the typical symptoms of low testosterone can look like. In the past, endocrine disruptors in men were primarily the result of serious illnesses, making them relatively rare to observe. However, similar symptoms can also be seen today in entirely healthy guys. So what is the reason for this?

Unfortunately, the biggest enemy of testosterone today is… the lifestyle of the average man. This is hardly surprising, however. Most of us spend up to a dozen or so hours every day in a sitting position. Moreover, a large group of men almost completely shun physical activity. On top of that, there are also problems resulting from excessive use of stimulants, sleep deficiency, and improper diet.

But let’s stop for a moment at the mentioned diet. Interestingly, the correlation between diet and testosterone levels can be twofold. First, suppose our diet is mainly based on highly processed foods, usually rich in trans fats. In that case, such a diet will hurt testosterone levels. But, on the other hand, many foods can support the synthesis of this hormone!

Admittedly, the most popular method for increasing testosterone in the body is taking synthetic equivalents or using doping agents. However, Psycho Pharma shows that there are other alternatives as well. They consist of the natural support of testosterone synthesis in the body. This is where the unique Thunder Struck formula comes in!

Psycho Pharma Thunder Struck capsules work on two levels. Firstly, they support the processes involved in the natural production of testosterone. Secondly, some substances contained in these capsules act as aromatase inhibitors. This means that they reduce the concentration of estrogen in the body.

When it comes to the content of ThunderStruck pills, it is worth mentioning first of all ingredients such as:

Himalayan Shilajit (mumio) – mumio is an organic ooze with the consistency of tar, which occurs naturally in the Himalayas and other high mountain ranges. This is where its other name, Himalayan shilajit, comes from. The use of mummy is not a new practice, as this substance has been used since ancient times. However, only modern research methods have made learning more about its properties possible. Tests have shown that the mummy contains many minerals and organic compounds.

Nevertheless, a real breakthrough was a study done in 2016. Its results proved that regular intake of mumio significantly increases testosterone levels. Therefore, an ingredient with such properties could not be missing from ThunderStruck capsules!

Magnesium citrate – there’s a reason magnesium is one of the most commonly supplemented elements. This macronutrient adequately functions the nervous, skeletal, muscular, and hormonal systems. Therefore, any magnesium deficiency is very dangerous to our health. Citrate is one of the better-absorbed forms of this element. Its presence means that magnesium deficiency will no longer be a problem for you!

Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) – although vitamin B5 is found in many foods, sometimes its supplementation may be necessary. Why? Because pantothenic acid is susceptible to a variety of external factors. Poorly stored foods can lose some of the vitamin B5 they contain. The compound is also lost through heat treatment. Psycho Pharma ensured that pantothenic acid can be conveniently used in supplement form. Significantly, vitamin B5 is directly involved in the production of steroid hormones. Thus, its concentration in the body may significantly affect the effectiveness of testosterone synthesis!

Zinc (zinc citrate) – nutrition experts pay much attention to zinc. This is because this element plays a crucial role in our bodies. Zinc supports the functioning of the immune system, fights inflammation, and participates in the synthesis of hormones. However, men should pay special attention to the supply of this element. All because zinc deficiency may interfere with testosterone synthesis. Therefore, this form of supplementation becomes of fundamental importance. Fortunately, zinc citrate is a compound with a very high level of bioavailability. This is why regular use of ThunderStruck capsules helps protect against this deficiency.

Boron – Today, more and more people supplement essential macronutrients, such as magnesium and zinc. It is all the more surprising that much less attention is paid to boron. There are only a few supplements on the market that contain this element. Moreover, finding reliable and comprehensive information on this compound is much more challenging. Such a relationship turns out to be highly unfavourable because boron is a precious component of our diet. Some studies have shown that this element can significantly improve memory and the ability to maintain concentration. In addition, boron influences the functioning of the hormonal balance in both men and women. In women, it is responsible for, among other things, the secretion of estrogen and mitigating the effects of menopause. In the case of men, however, boron regulates processes occurring during testosterone synthesis. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that we provide our bodies with the appropriate amount of this element!

Vitamin D3 – for some time, doctors and nutritionists have been trying to draw people’s attention to the role of vitamin D3. However, it is hard to be surprised. World health institutes are alert that more and more people suffer from a deficiency of this compound. This is mainly due to today’s lifestyle because vitamin D3 can be produced naturally by our body. However, the synthesis of this compound occurs only when our skin is exposed to sunlight. The problem worsens in autumn and winter when the sun emits too few UVB rays. This inhibits the synthesis of vitamin D3. The good news is that proper supplementation allows you to maintain optimal vitamin D3. It is worth taking care of because this compound strongly stimulates our immune system. Researchers even claim that vitamin D3 deficiency is a potential factor promoting the development of serious diseases. So, in this case, supplementation is advisable!

All the vitamins and minerals described form a natural blend. Thanks to it, the preparation of Thunder Struck allows for quick supplementation of possible deficiencies. However, the manufacturer did not stop there because the second component of the described capsules is a unique blend of ThunderStruck. It is the one that contains a mixture of specially selected ingredients that increase testosterone levels. Here they are:

TestoSurge™ (double fermented fenugreek extract) – Fenugreek is grown almost worldwide. It has been regarded as a medicinal plant for centuries. Our ancestors used it as a panacea for various ailments. Today we know that they were right. Fenugreek leaves perfectly alleviate the symptoms of diseases related to the digestive system. The seeds, on the other hand, promote the body’s regeneration and anabolic activity. No wonder Fenugreek quickly attracted the attention of sports enthusiasts. The unique TestoSurge™ preparation was developed based on this plant. It was created by double fermentation of an extract derived from fenugreek seed. As a result, the manufacturer has achieved a section containing as much as 80% of the active substance. This makes its effect even more effective!

SA3X™ (Spilanthes Acmella flower extract) – similar research was done on Echinacea, which in the broader literature is known as Spilanthes Acmella. It was initially used as a natural remedy for inflammation and rheumatism. However, tests have shown that this species of Echinacea also has other interesting properties. According to researchers, it contains substances that can increase libido and support testosterone synthesis. Additionally, Echinacea flower extract helps the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Improved sexual performance and increased testosterone – the perfect combination for men!

KSM-66™ (standardized ashwagandha root extract) – interest in ashwagandha has grown significantly recently. Why has “Indian ginseng” become so popular? The main reason is, of course, its properties, which have been confirmed by research. Scientists have proven that ashwagandha has anti-inflammatory effects and helps the body to remove free radicals. What is more, withanolides in this root may improve the body’s endurance and increase the level of perceived energy. The effect of ashwagandha on sperm production is also not insignificant. Thus, regular supplementation may increase libido and sexual performance. KSM-66™ contains a standardized extract of ashwagandha root with 5% withanolides.

Common Nettle – some people may have unpleasant memories of bumping into nettles. Indeed, this plant is not very pleasant to the skin, but its health properties are imposing. Nettle perfectly regulates the urinary and circulatory systems. However, men should be interested that the rhizome and the nettle root contain substances inhibiting aromatase. Thus, regular nettle intake can naturally increase testosterone levels!

Longjack (Eurycoma Longifolia)– ashwagandha is sometimes called Indian ginseng. However, “Malaysian ginseng” is Eurycoma Longifolia, a plant more commonly known as longjack. Malaysians often use an extract from this plant as a natural remedy for problems related to sexual performance. This has been confirmed in studies, as longjack can improve semen quality and libido. However, it is also worth mentioning another study that showed that longjack enhances the production of testosterone.

DIM (3-diindolylmethane) – when we digest cruciferous vegetables (e.g., Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli), our bodies produce a compound called DIM. It has a remarkable effect as scientists study its potential to prevent cancer development. But on the other hand, prevention is not the only argument in this case. It turns out that DIM can lower estrogen levels in the blood. This, in turn, increases the concentration of testosterone. Therefore, such an effect will benefit all people who train. Fortunately, Thunder Struck contains a high dose of this compound!

Siebold’s Spleenwort (Smilax Sieboldii) – another ingredient of plant origin, is an extract from a specific species of spleenwort. Research has shown that such an extract contains natural steroidal saponins. These compounds are involved in synthesizing all sex hormones but have the most significant effect on testosterone. Therefore, saponins are increasingly being included in various dietary supplements. Importantly, Psycho Pharma has ensured that the extract from colchicum is standardized. Thanks to this, the steroid saponin content, in this case, is as high as 99%.

Andros-3,5-diene-7,17-dione is a naturally occurring hormone. It is one of the most potent aromatase inhibitors, which block estrogen production. The presence of this compound is a perfect complement to the action of the above ingredients, which increase the level of produced testosterone!

Directions for use:

The manufacturer recommends taking 1 to 4 capsules daily. This dosage can be broken down into several servings taken throughout the day. Importantly, these coffee and tea seed extracts do not contain caffeine. Thunder Struck capsules can also be safely taken in the evening. You do not need to follow cycles typical of prohormones or SARMs when supplementing with this product.