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Are you looking for a natural way to boost testosterone levels? Then, you can finally end your search, as a long-awaited formula has finally hit the market. Tongkat Ali capsules from TWP Nutrition contain a high-quality extract of Tongkat Ali, a plant ideal for all honest men. Combining this extract with the addition of piperine, you’ll be able to count on even more excellent results, such as a significant increase in libido, improved strength and body composition!

In the composition of these capsules, you will find only two active ingredients:

– Tongkat Ali Extract (200:1) – you’ve probably already heard of this plant, although you may have encountered it by a different name. In Latin, it is Eurycoma longfolia, but this plant is sometimes referred to as longjack, Malaysian ginseng or just Tongkat Ali. The name doesn’t matter, however, because what matters is what benefits supplementation with this extract can provide you with. First, studies have confirmed that Tongkat Ali contains compounds that can support fertility and libido in men.
These two aspects can have a very positive impact on your sexual performance. However, Tongkat Ali works well not only in the bedroom but also in the gym. This is because using extracts from this plant has been linked to increased testosterone levels. This, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on your motivation and, thus, also on the effectiveness of your workouts. Hence, Tongkat Ali can affect your strength performance and improve your overall body composition.

– BioPerine™ – of course, all the effects described above will be visible only if your body assimilates the Tongkat Ali extract. Unfortunately, the assimilation level of such compounds is usually relatively low. That’s why TWP Nutrition decided to add a patented formulation of BioPerine™ to these capsules. This formulation contains an exceptionally high concentration of piperine, the active ingredient that naturally occurs in black pepper. The most crucial property of piperine is its ability to increase the assimilation of other active substances. Therefore, the addition of BioPerine™ can make the body absorb the used Tongkat Ali extract to a much higher degree.


The manufacturer recommends taking 1-2 capsules daily for optimal supplementation results.