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USP Labs Pink Magic™ is a potent, newly reformulated Testosterone Booster that will turn the industry on its head regarding test boosters! USP Labs has developed a reputation for producing highly effective and exceptionally potent herbal supplements using only premium vital ingredients. Unfortunately, you often see supplements with huge labels full of low-quality ingredients or doses too low to achieve an effect that may or may not work. So what is Pink Magic™, and what does it do? Pink Magic™ is a natural testosterone booster, vasodilation increaser and muscle density promoter. In other words, expect to get lean, dense, solid and stiff muscles while taking Pink Magic™.

Pink Magic™ became an instant Underground Legend when it was released and sold like gangbusters. The key ingredient in the original Pink Magic™ was Massularia Acuminata, which is responsible for increasing natural testosterone levels and being a natural aphrodisiac. One study showed that the aqueous extract of the Massularia acuminata stem has androgenic potential, responsible for increased strength and size. It is one of only a few herbs showing any androgenic potential. Massularia acuminata is one of the few plants with medicinal properties that are effective as an aphrodisiac through mechanisms such as vasodilation, generation of nitric oxide, and the elevation of androgens and gonadotropins. One study also showed Massularia acuminata had been shown to increase serum LH and testosterone levels by approximately 60% above baseline levels after only three weeks of administration.

For a testosterone booster, Pink Magic® certainly breaks the mould. USP Labs is among the most innovative supplement manufacturers in the industry. Pink Magic® has been formulated with the latest and most potent testosterone and libido herbal extracts “harvest[ed] in their peak seasons” to the highest concentrations of standardized components possible. As a result, pink Magic® increases muscular density, strength gains, and pumps while accelerating recovery and stimulating libido.

Men and bodybuilders are clamouring after this formula, saying it’s the “magic” solution they’ve been waiting for. USP Labs researchers have been testing and perfecting ways to boost testosterone more effectively, naturally, safely – and legally for decades. One new ingredient and an innovative testosterone booster that stands out is TESTOSURGE®, which developed a patented extraction and new creative standardization process and isolated a group of active steroidal glycosides that have been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels rapidly! In healthy men, only 2-3% of testosterone is free (aka bioavailable or biologically active), and about 40% is albumin-bound (meaning it is attached to a protein). This ‘testosterone’ can break free from albumin and is also biologically active.

TESTOSURGE® has been shown in multiple studies to elevate total testosterone and biologically active forms of testosterone (free and albumin-bound). With a single dose of TESTOSURGE®, investigators reported significant increases in testosterone within 10 hours! And after this one dose, sedentary participants had a greater than 300% increase in total testosterone! Even more astonishing was that free testosterone levels increased by 110%, and biologically active testosterone (albumin-bound + free) increased by 220% compared to placebo. Top-level doctors and exercise physiologists completed a follow-up study at a prestigious U.S. University. Again, they followed the ‘Gold Standard’ protocol, conducting a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, this time using previously trained subjects. And once again, the results were phenomenal. After just four weeks, total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone started going up. By the end of the eight weeks, total testosterone had increased 146%, and bioavailable free testosterone was jacked up to 178%.

Researchers recorded increased strength and a 220% significantly lower body fat percentage. Pink Magic® is the world’s fastest-working and most potent testosterone booster, which has been clinically shown to start boosting testosterone from the very first dose. Pink Magic® contains Eucommia Ulimoides, which provide compounds that can activate androgen receptors in the human body, unlike other testosterone boosters. It is the first plant androgen to be discovered, and Pink Magic® contains a 100:1 extract which will dramatically help strength and size gains.

Pink Magic® also contains the MacaPure® brand of Maca in highly concentrated form for men and increased libido. Naturex’s proprietary extraction process allows a high level of active compound content. MacaPure® extract is standardized to 0.6% macamides and macaenes, the active components that benefit sexual function. In addition, pink Magic® provides anabolic and androgenic compounds that work synergistically with TESTOSURGE® and Massularia acuminata to elevate testosterone levels past any product manufactured to date and make a massive difference in the gym and your sex life. Increased testosterone levels will help you maintain overall energy, vitality, and sex drive while allowing you to build muscle mass, density, and strength, helping you train for optimal athletic performance.


Three tabs a day with plenty of water.