Vices and Vibes Compound Pump 254g


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A strong muscle pump symbolises a good workout for many people. So to intensify it further, athletes often turn to pre-workout supplements. Many products of this type contain compounds designed to boost muscle pumps. However, their content is usually relatively low, as manufacturers also rely on stimulants and stimulants.

That’s why Compound Pump from Vices and Vibes is a genuinely unique nutrient. First, it does not contain any stimulants, so that it can be used any time of the day. Secondly, it does not have beta-alanine, an essential ingredient in pre-workout supplements. These two aspects mean that Compound Pump nutrients can be seamlessly combined with other accessories. If you want, you can also use it as a standalone pump booster. So the choice is only up to you!

Here are the essential active ingredients contained in this formula:

– Sodium chloride (contained in pink Himalayan salt) – sodium chloride is the primary chemical component of table salt and other types of salt. Despite appearances, however, it is an essential compound for athletes. This is because sodium belongs to the group of electrolytes and is therefore needed by those performing long training units. Thus, its deficiency will quickly contribute to a decrease in muscle performance.

– L-citrulline – citrulline is a critical ingredient in all pre-workout supplements. Thanks to it, athletes can increase the endurance of their muscles and count on an even more intense pump. The compound Pump contains as much as 6000 mg of citrulline per serving. High citrulline content will make even the most experienced athletes feel the muscle pump more intensely.

– HydroPrime™ – only in recent years has the importance of glycerol in sports supplementation begun to grow. However, this is not a matter of coincidence. Indeed, studies have shown that glycerol can be a critical support for athletes’ bodies. Its action can effectively prevent dehydration during many intense training units. In addition, glycerol can intensify the muscle pump experienced. This has led Vices and Vibes to bet on a supplement known as HydroPrime™. It contains as much as 65% pure glycerol, so its effectiveness is very high.

– Pine bark extract – pine bark contains many compounds with potent antioxidant effects. Thus, the extracted section from such bark will be a sensational source of antioxidants. It is worth remembering that antioxidant play a vital role in the body’s regeneration process. Moreover, some of the compounds in such an extract additionally improve the work of the circulatory system. This, in turn, contributes to better blood flow and, consequently, a more intense muscle pump.

– L-norvaline – norvaline is another natural amino acid found in numerous foods (such as meat and nuts). Researchers have found that norvaline is vital to muscle and body recovery after exercise. However, in the context of a muscle pump, its other property is much more critical. Well, norvaline effectively inhibits the breakdown of arginine, a compound crucial in muscle pumps. Thus, its supplementation can directly affect the intensity of the muscle pump.

– AstraGin™ – the synergy of active substances can provide positive effects only if the body assimilates the compounds. Unfortunately, numerous active substances have a relatively low level of such assimilation. Fortunately, the AstraGin™ formula can help increase it. This supplement was created by combining active compounds in membranous astragalus and false ginseng. These compounds can increase the bioavailability of other substances used in parallel with AstraGin™. This is why Vices and Vibes have relied on adding this unique supplement.


The manufacturer’s recommended serving of Compound Pump is the equivalent of one scoop or about 12.7 grams. However, it is worth remembering that the described preparation was created so that it can be combined with other pre-workout supplements. For this reason, the scoop above can be consumed in parallel with a pre-workout of your choice, which contains stimulants and beta-alanine.