Vices and Vibes Smack DMHA Pre-Workout 292g (product clump use a scale to measure portions)


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If you care about getting better and better results, you need to raise the bar literally from workout to workout. However, carrying out such a problematic plan requires excellent motivation and self-denial. After all, it would help if you remembered that even simple fatigue could effectively eliminate the desire to perform another workout. In such situations, however, you must rely on willpower and perform all the set exercises.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fight the feeling of fatigue alone, as a pre-workout supplement can be a valuable ally. In addition, such nutrients usually contain certain compounds with stimulating effects in their composition. All this helps reduce the feeling of fatigue and boost energy.

This is the premise of the company Vices and Vibes, which recently unveiled the Smack Pre-Workout pre-workout. This supplement is designed for those who prefer nutrients with a high content of so-called stimulants. This is because Smack pre-workout is designed to help stimulate the body and prepare it for the next workout.

This supplement contains active ingredients such as:

– Citrulline malate – this amino acid is the essential ingredient of virtually all pre-workout supplements. This is because citrulline contributes to the dilatation of blood vessels, improves blood flow, and increases the intensity of the muscle pump felt.

– Beta-alanine – there is a reason why beta-alanine has been one of the essential supplements for athletes for many years. Studies have confirmed that this compound can help increase muscle endurance and performance. Such an effect will be particularly noticeable in aerobic athletes and those who perform relatively long training units.

– Agmatine sulfate – this compound has numerous properties. Still, its most notable feature is its ability to enhance nitric oxide synthesis. Thus, agmatine can further increase the intensity of the muscle pump felt.

– L-tyrosine – the positive effect of tyrosine is to promote the synthesis of collagen and certain hormones (such as dopamine and norepinexxrine). Therefore, this compound can help prepare the body for upcoming physical activity.

– Choline dihydrate – another compound that causes vasodilation is choline in the form of choline dihydrate. It is also worth mentioning that some researchers speak of its favourable properties in the context of regeneration of the body.

– 2-amino-5-methyl hexane (DMHA) – when formulations containing DMAA began to disappear from the market, many people switched to another compound with similar properties. DMHA does not have such a strong effect, but it can still add energy and stimulate the body.

– N, N-DMPEA – this compound is often extracted from a plant known as Eria Jarensis. Studies have shown that it can exert stimulating effects on the human body.

– Infienergy™ (contains as much as 75% pure caffeine) – no other stimulant in popularity can match caffeine. However, Infienergy™ is more than just plain caffeine. In its case, the compound has been treated, making its effects more prolonged and intense.

– Anhydrous caffeine – an excellent complement here would be the anhydrous form of caffeine. Compared to the traditional form of this compound, she also guarantees a prolonged and more potent effect. The synergy of these two forms of caffeine can be a good solution for those who already have a high level of tolerance to the effects of this compound.

– Noopept – this synthetic compound appeared on the market some time ago. Studies have shown that noopept may provide some benefits in terms of enhancing cognitive abilities. Of particular note to the researchers was its ability to improve memory temporarily. In addition, noopept has been credited with mood-enhancing effects.

– Isps – is another stimulant that acts as a classic stimulant.

– Black pepper extract – why are pepper extracts found in almost every sports nutrition product? The answer is piperine, the active substance contained in this spice. Piperine increases the assimilation of many nutrients, so it can positively affect the effectiveness of the supplementation used.


The maximum dose of the product is two scoops, or about 15 grams. The measured dose should be dissolved in water and drunk about 30 minutes before training.