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SARMs – the perfect muscle builder and cutter

SARMs – the perfect muscle builder and cutter 

SARMs are one of the most popular supplements in recent years. They belong to a group of non-steroidal active compounds that bind to androgen receptors in tissues. Hence, they are supplements that support lean muscle mass and strength gains. However, the best SARMs also support the reduction and mineralization of bone tissue. We say: check. We verify what these supplements are, whether they are safe, whether they have side effects, and how they actually affect our bodies.

What are SARMs?

SARMs (interchangeably SARM-s, SARMs) are selective androgen receptor modulators that were discovered in the 1990s. This was by chance when Professor James T. Dalton was not working on performance-enhancing drugs but was looking for a cure for prostate cancer.
He then discovered the molecule known today as andarin. While it was not very effective against prostate cancer, it did cause noticeable muscle growth.
Today we know that the best SARMs provide muscle tissue and strength gains, effectively reduce, improve performance, and prevent prostate growth, which can occur while using anabolic steroids. That’s why the most potent SARMs are also used to replace anabolics (e.g., for cancer, muscle atrophy) without negatively affecting the body.

Types of SARM supplements:

SARMs can be divided in terms of the extent of stimulation. We distinguish then:
– SARMs for mass muscle expansion (e.g., Rad-140, LGD-4033, Andarine S4);
– SARMs for strength gain (e.g., MK-2866);
– SARMs for lean muscle mass building and reduction (e.g., GW-1516, MK-677).

The best SARMs for muscle mass:
LAG-4033 – ligandrol
An agent that exhibits anabolic effects in the muscles. It is the most potent SARM that has the most significant impact on building muscle mass. It allows you to accentuate your muscular physique by gaining pure lean muscle mass. Enormously since ligandrol also accelerates the loss of unnecessary body fat. It is taken in oral form, with as much as 22 mg per day for short-term supplementation. With more extended dosing, however, as little as 4 mg of LAG-4033 per day is sufficient.
Rad-140 – testolone
A replacement for synthetic testosterone, which does not affect the growth of the prostate. It supports the process of losing unnecessary body fat, making it easier to build a lean muscle mass. It is an effective and safe product for anyone who wants lean muscle mass in a short period. Rad-140 should be supplemented for 10-14 weeks in doses of 12-20 mg daily.
Andarine S4
A selective androgen receptor modulator with a powerful anabolic effect. It significantly influences the development of muscle mass and strength. Using S4 makes the muscle more bulging and visible. As Andarine has a short half-life of up to 5 hours, the daily dose is 40 to 75 mg. It is best divided into 2-4 servings throughout the day.
The strongest SARMs for strength gain
MK-2866 – ostarin
An aid for osteoporosis and chronic diseases that damage muscles. Ostarin is an agent that causes a huge improvement in muscle strength. Hence it is used not only in medicine. It is also used by athletes practicing endurance sports (such as cycling, running). Besides, it promotes muscle mass reduction and building.

The best SARMs for lean muscle mass building and reduction
GW-1516 – cardarine
Recommended for endurance athletes. It promotes the development of slow-twitch muscle fibers and the effective loss of excess body fat. On the one hand, it reduces unwanted fat tissue; on the other hand, it saves protein structures from disintegration.
MK-677 – ibutamoren
It acts on growth hormone receptors. Growth hormone affects the development of the body, energy metabolism, anabolic and catabolic processes, immune response, and even the central nervous system’s functioning. The increase in growth hormone in the body promotes the binding of amino acids by muscles, reducing body fat and the synthesis and renewal of muscle fibers.

Are the most potent SARMs steroids?
Without a doubt, the best SARMs provide the benefits of anabolic steroids. However, they are not steroids and have no side effects.
They are devoid of the methyl group, so they do not damage the liver. The most potent SARMs also do not block the HPTA system. Unlike synthetic testosterone, they also do not convert to estrogen. Finally, they are orally administered, fully legal to possess, and easy to purchase, something we cannot say about steroids.
So even the strongest SARMs don’t take a toll on the liver, as well as the kidneys or the digestive system. Also, they do not cause other side effects: acne, hypertension, gastric problems, baldness, water retention. The best SARMs only affect the muscles. Instead, they may promote issues with insomnia or mood disorders.
However, they must be original substances. It happens that supplements described as the most potent SARMs do not contain SARMs at all. What is more, they sometimes contain illegal substances that cause side effects. It is, therefore, a good idea to check the quality of the product before buying it.
Also, we must remember to use every dietary supplement in moderation. We should always dose it by what the manufacturer states on the product packaging. We can also help supplementation specialists or personal trainers advise us on the best and the most potent SARMs.
In conclusion, there is no doubt that these are exciting supplements. The most potent SARMs bring benefits similar to those we can achieve by reaching for steroids. On the other hand, they are much safer for the body as they do not cause serious side effects. However, we should remember to choose the original and the best SARMs. Then we can be sure that we are reaching for safe, tested, and proven supplements without side effects.

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